Hunter Parrish Has Met With 'Hunger Games' Producers For Peeta Role, Ups The Gale Ante

We've heard you, "Hunger Games" fans. We know you want Hunter Parrish to take on the role of Katniss Everdeen's fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark. And, apparently, Lionsgate and director Gary Ross have heard your pleas, as well, because the 23-year-old "Weeds" star is in contention for the role!

That's right. E! Online spoke with Hunter who confirmed he's met with the movie's producers. "I'd be grateful to get the opportunity," he said. "Like, really grateful. It would be amazing."

Though he has yet to see a script, Hunter has read all three books in Suzanne Collins' dystopian series and feels blessed he has the fans' support. "You don't get much better than that," he said. "The true fans of the book. So regardless of whether I'm a part of the film or not, I feel honored to just sort of be thought of."

Knowing that Katniss casting will heavily impact who lands the role of Peeta, Hunter's already picked out his front-runner for the heroine. "If it's Jennifer [Lawrence], man, sign me up!" he enthused. "I think if it ended up being Hailee Steinfeld or Saoirse [Ronan] or who's the other one? Abigail Breslin. Then it would be weird. It would be really weird." (We totally agree, Hunter!)

Though today's scoop is undoubtedly, like, some of the best news ever for "Hunger Games" fans, it does raise an interesting point made by my fellow fanatic Sabrina Rojas Weiss: Who could ever compete against Hunter for a woman's affections? Because let's be honest, Hunter is one fine cut of man meat.

[TANGENTIAL CASE IN POINT: I sat in the second row of a "Spring Awakening" performance on Broadway a few years ago, and Hunter made eye contact with me (while singing) for about five seconds. And it changed my life.]

ANYWAY, like I was saying, if Hunter is cast, we'll need an impossibly good-looking actor to play Gale just to make this triangle believable. I've had my eye on one actor for the past few weeks, and I think I'm ready to fully pledge my support. Lionsgate, please give Ethan Peck a jingle. If anyone can give Hunter a run for Katniss' heart, it's certainly the hunky former "10 Things I Hate About You" star.

Are you Team Hunter for Peeta? Do you have a different actor in mind? And what do you think about my Ethan Peck for Gale suggestion? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!