MULTIPLE CHOICE: Should 'Glee' Perform More Original Songs?

It was a night of firsts for our favorite Fox musical series. Though the Kurt-Blaine kiss was undoubtedly the highlight of the hour (seriously, my jaw dropped), New Directions scored big with two original songs that clenched the Regionals title.

Now, I'll be the first to admit I was a tad dubious when I heard the news McKinley Highers would perform tunes written specifically for the show. Because really, half the fun of "Glee" is singing along to well-worn lyrics and marveling (and sometimes cringing) at new spins on old favorites. But, surprisingly, I did enjoy both "Get It Right" ("penned" by a heartbroken Rachel Berry) and "Loser Like Me" (the by-product of New Directions' collective Coach Sylvester bullying angst).

But after a strong initial showing, can we expect more original tunes to come? "Glee" music producer Adam Anders says maybe. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adam admitted, "Obviously [Ryan Murphy's] setting up Lea as a songwriter so you’ll see her writing songs from time to time. But every week? No. I mean [Ryan] hasn’t said either way to me but if I were to guess I’d say no."

With the fate of original music on "Glee" uncertain, we got to wondering what you think, Crushers. Do you want to hear more unique tunes on the show? Vote in our poll after the jump!