Drew Barrymore To Direct 'How To Be Single': 3 Reasons Why We're Just So Into This News!

Typically when you hear an actor or actress wants to try their hand at something new—be it singing or producing or starting a line of perfumes and colognes—most of the time it's hard not to think, 'Don't quit your day job!'

But when it comes to someone like the uber-talented Drew Barrymore, we can't help but get excited about her latest venture, be it on or off-screen. After directing 2009's underrated, kick-butt roller derby movie "Whip It," Drew will, thankfully be heading behind the camera once more, this time for a genre that's even more up her alley: romantic comedies!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Drew, who was last seen in the funny romance-from-afar flick "Going The Distance," will be at the helm of "How To Be Single," the big-screen adaptation of the novel by the same name that "explores the loves lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the course of 10 years." There's no word yet on whether Drew will also star in the movie.

Though we never need an excuse to watch a romantic comedy or support Drew Barrymore, we wanted to share three big reasons why we think this pairing is going to be a match made in movie heaven:

Drew Knows A Thing Or Two About Liz Tuccillo

"How To Be Single" is writer Liz Tuccillo's 2008 novel about a woman who explores her, and her friends, complex love lives. Sound familiar? That's because Liz was a writer on the similarly themed "Sex and the City" and helped pen the "SATC"-inspired best-seller "He's Just Not That Into You." Of course, the hugely successful book became a movie in 2009 that featured an all-star cast including Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper—and, you guessed it—Drew! So the actress, who was nothing short of a scene-stealer as the down-on-her-love-luck Mary, can certainly give Liz's work its proper credit. In fact, "How To Be Single" will be something of a "He's Just Not That Into You" reunion, as Drew, who produced "HJNTIY," will once again work with its writers Marc Silverstein and Abby Cohn.

Drew Knows A Thing Or Two About Rom-Coms

C'mon, if there is anyone out there who can do romantic comedies right, it's Drew Barrymore! She ranks up there with the all-time rom-com queens like Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson thanks to her charming turns in films like "Never Been Kissed," "50 First Dates," "Music and Lyrics," "Fever Pitch" and, of course, "HJNTIY." But perhaps there's no greater example of Drew's ability to draw laughs and tug at heartstrings than her performance in the 1998 classic "The Wedding Singer." Her leading man Adam Sandler fell for her in the '80s-based comedy and so did everyone who saw it.

Drew Knows A Thing Or Two About Being Single

Sure, it seems like sort of a bummer to point out that Drew has had her fair share of heartbreak in her personal life. From her divorce from comedian Tom Green to her very public break-ups with former boyfriends such as The Strokes' drummer Fabrizio Moretti and actor Justin Long, the star hasn't exactly received her own fairy tale ending yet. But that just makes the actress, who has often been able to maintain friendships with her exes (we need her secret!), all that more relatable and likable for fans. Not to mention, if there's anyone who's a shining beacon of being a successful solo gal, it's Drew. How to be single? Drew could have written the book.

Are you excited to hear that Drew Barrymore will be directing again? Let us know, Crushers!

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