'Glee' Recap: 'Original Song'

Let's just say it, Gleeks. The thing so many excited "Glee" fans screamed from the virtual rooftop as they jumped on their Facebook and Twitter pages the moment it happened: THEY FINALLY KISSED!

Yes, after weeks of wishing and hoping and waiting, Kurt and Blaine finally locked lips. It was a sweet, real and, shockingly, un-hyped moment (good call, Ryan Murphy, on keeping this one under wraps) that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss handled with dignity and honesty, and let's face it, some serious heat! When Blaine tearfully told Kurt, "You move me," we all swooned (and, okay, cried a little too.)

But, there's plenty more where that kiss came from. Kurt and Blaine and the Warblers had quite a few things going on during this week's episode. In addition to Kurt accidentally killing the group's beloved canary Pavarotti (pro: Chris' lovely rendition of The Beatles' "Blackbird," con: deceased mascot), they were also gearing up for Regionals.

While Blaine knocked Maroon 5's "Misery" out of the park, Kurt thought they needed to infuse something new into their sound. Luckily for him, the Warblers agreed and opted to have him sing a duet with Blaine during Regionals (more on that later...promise!).

The McKinley gang wasn't wasting time getting prepared for Regionals either. After coming around to Rachel's idea of singing original songs for the competition, a few New Directions members created their own tunes. They ranged from silly (Santana's ode to Sam, "Trout Mouth") to sassy (Mercedes' new anthem "Hell To The No") to sweet (Puck's proper serenade to Lauren, "Big Ass...Heart")!

Still, there wasn't a lack of drama going on in the midst of all the fun. Turns out Quinn desperately wants to be prom queen (a new revelation about the character that felt rather contrived and out-of-left field if I may say so) and once again feels she has no future outside of Lima or without Finn.

If that's the case, why did she give her baby up and continue to stay in glee club? Either way, she won't give up on Finn just yet (nope, she most certainly won't). Alas, the prom queen storyline went nowhere and Quinn's frenemy friendship with Rachel felt like the biggest low light in an otherwise really good episode.

That was, until they got around to Sue. Granted, it's nothing new that Coach Sylvester has quite the mean streak and is hell-bent on taking down New Directions, but her behavior during "Original Song" started to turn her from quirky villain to wholly unlikable. She once again spoiled the glee club's plans (her alleged affair with My Chemical Romance drummer put the kibosh on them doing "Sing" for Regionals) and continued to fling things, both verbal and otherwise, at students.

Even at Regionals, Sue went overboard by having her group, Oral Intensity, sing a tune called "Jesus Is a Friend of Mine" to pander to the panel of judges (including guest star Kathy Griffin playing a Sarah Palin-esque figure as a former politician/current conservative talking head and Tweeter). Even worse, when Oral Intensity lost, Sue punched the announcer. Sorry, Crushers, but I'm pretty sure that's known as assault.

But, let's rewind a sec to the other Regionals performances. There was also Blaine and Kurt leading the Warblers in a subdued rendition of Hey Monday's "Candles," which segued into Pink's rousing "Raise Your Glass." Later, Rachel kicked things off for New Directions with her heartfelt original "Get It Right," which was inspired by her tricky relationship with Finn and Quinn (let's just all be thankful she didn't go with "Only Child"!). Then, her glee-mates joined her for their anti-Sue-inspired (and, yeah, kinda corny) ditty "Loser Like Me," complete with a slushie finale (no frozen treats, alas, but confetti!)

So who was the winner of Regionals? Why, New Directions of course! Their original tunes helped land them a place in New York City for Nationals, and Rachel was dubbed by her friends as the show's MVP. All in all, this was a pretty wonderful episode and it was especially nice to see New Directions walk away with a trophy finally.

But, hey, Sue, consider yourself warned!

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So that's it until April, Gleeks! What did you think of last night's episode? Did you love the original tunes or miss New Directions' covers? Did Blaine and Kurt's kiss become your favorite in "Glee" history? Was anyone else distracted by the girls outfits during Regionals? Why, oh, why, were they wearing leggings and combat boots with those cute dresses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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