Emma Watson Is The New Face Of Lancome!

by Breia Brissey

Meet the new face of Lancôme, Hermione, er, Emma Watson! After tweeting a series of cleverly rhyming clues over the weekend about a new business venture, the fashionista revealed today that she is, in fact, Lancôme's latest celebrity endorser. Emma joins the likes of Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz, who have all represented the cosmetics line in campaigns.

"Thanks to her charm, romanticism, and her incredible modernity, Emma Watson has become the icon of her generation," said the president of Lancôme, Youcef Nabi, in a statement.

This endorsement news comes fresh off last week’s announcement that Emma will be taking a break from her studies at Brown University to focus more on her career.

And apparently, with more time comes more endorsement deals. Emma’s already made her mark on the fashion world with her eco-clothing line for UK’s People Tree, and who could forget her chic Burberry ads?

At only 20, Emma becomes Lancôme’s youngest ambassador to date. She’s already a bona fide movie star, ivy-league smart and now she’s been dubbed the "icon of her generation." Is there anything this girl can’t do?

What do you think of this newest partnership? Do you think Emma will represent Lancôme well? Are you more inclined to buy Lancôme because they're going with a younger star? And most importantly, do you agree that she’s the icon of her generation? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!