MULTIPLE CHOICE: Would Josh Hutcherson Make A Good Peeta In 'The Hunger Games'?

We here at Hollywood Crush have been hesitant to cast our vote for who should play "Hunger Games" hotties Gale and Peeta before we know who will play Katniss. After all, age and chemistry are big factors here!

That being said, there are no shortage of actors hoping to hear their name called during the reaping. Alex Pettyfer and Liam Hemsworth are just two of the fresh faces that have been thrown into the arena for consideration, and now there's another actor dying to be a part of the action.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Josh Hutcherson (who played the son Laser in 2010's Oscar-nominated comedy "The Kids Are All Right") at the SXSW Festival over the weekend, where he was promoting his upcoming horror/comedy flick "Detention."

And while the cute, up-and-coming star had plenty to discuss about his new movie, all talk soon turned to Peeta.

Josh, who told EW he has read an older version of the "Hunger Games" script and met with director Gary Ross, is doing what so many others in young Hollywood are doing: waiting. "I love Peeta," he said. "The character is so much who I am—self deprecating, a people person. And he’d be such a great character to play!"

Josh also brought up how Katniss' companion really has some good material by the time "Mockingjay" rolls around. "Like in the third book? Oh my God," said the actor.

This interview got us thinking, would Josh make for a good Peeta, after all? He's certainly got passion for the project (always a plus in our book!) and he's got a kind, trustworthy face and personality (a must for whoever plays Peeta!).

Also something to consider: At 18 years old, Josh falls kind of in the middle between Katniss candidates Hailee Steinfeld (14 years old) and reported front-runner Jennifer Lawrence (20 years old).

So we want to know from you Crushers, would Josh Hutcherson make for a good Peeta? Take our poll and let us know!

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