Thomas Dekker Joins Britt Robertson In The CW's 'Secret Circle'

While many of our favorite shows are currently on Spring Break (boo, CW!) the developing scoop on the network's newest series is almost enough to hold us over until new episodes return.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" alum Thomas Dekker is the latest member of Young Hollywood to sign on to the Kevin Williamson-produced "Secret Circle," TVLine reports. Thomas will steam things up opposite "Life Unexpected"'s Britt Robertson in the new series based on the popular books by L.J. Smith (who also penned "The Vampire Diaries"). As Cassie, Britt plays the new girl in town who discovers her knack for magical powers and that she belongs to an age-old coven, where teen Adam is its eldest member (and her potential love interest).

Considering Kevin Williamson's track record ("Dawson's Creek," "The Vampire Diaries") and our love for Britt here at Hollywood Crush, "Secret Circle" has all the ingredients to be a massive hit. But how 'bout it, Crushers? Will "Secret Circle" be the next addition to your fall TV lineup? Does Thomas Dekker fit your picture of the ideal man?

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