New 'Water For Elephants' International Trailer Features Robert Pattinson Narration

A mere week after we marveled at the three grand new things in the second "Water for Elephants" comes a third teaser for the circus drama due April 22.

To be sure, this new international trailer is much like the one that preceded it, but there are a few marked (not to mention totally enjoyable) differences that kept us watching. For one, star Robert Pattinson lends his silky vocals to the trailer's narration, offering even more insight into his veterinary student character Jacob Jankowski. "I had a new life all planned," he begins. "Then with the opening of a door, every plan I had vanished. No home. No family. Forcing myself not to look back."

Another thing we can't help but swoon over is the inclusion of Jacob's big top "hazing." After flashing his trademark humble/embarrassed smile (you know, the one where he musters an adorable grin while looking down at the ground...) he gets walloped in the face by cream pies and rinsed off by a seltzer-bottle-wielding Christoph Waltz (perhaps foreshadowing the more violent encounters to come?).

But our favorite new additions are those steamy moments between Robert and love interest Reese Witherspoon. Forget the second trailer's chaste kiss, we have groping, people! Sure, it's just a quick few frames, but it's definitely H.O.T. (Too bad Christoph totally ruins the mood by threatening Rob right after...)

What are you thinking of this third trailer, Crushers? Do you like it better than the first two? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!