Mila Kunis Stays Mum On 'Oz,' Dishes on Justin Timberlake

Mila Kunis has a big 2011 ahead of her, but one casting rumor she refuses to confirm is that she may join James Franco in the Sam Raimi directed flick, "Oz the Great and Powerful." So, when we caught up with Mila at Cosmopolitan magazine's 2011 Fun Fearless Males party in New York City on Monday night, we hoped we could get a bit more out of her.

Instead, Ms. Mila dashed our dreams by only responding with a "Nope!" when pressed if she could tell us anything more.

So we changed our tune and asked her what she's looking forward to next. "A break! I'm really excited about a break!" she said with a laugh, before revealing that she does know what she's shooting next. Unfortunately her publicist shut her down before she could tell us more. "I do [know what I'm shooting next]. That I can say, right?" she quipped to her rep, who seemed to think that wasn't a good idea. "I don’t know. Never mind!"

One project she can talk about, it seems, is her rom-com with Justin Timberlake, "Friends With Benefits." "That’s coming out in July. It's really funny. I just saw it. So I'm super-stoked," she shared. "Anything and everything you would want him to be. He's just as lovely, just as professional, just as sweet and amazing, and there's nothing that he can't do."

Are you hoping Mila signs on to "Oz"? Are you excited to see her and Justin in "Friends With Benefits"?

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