'Vampire Diaries' Star Ian Somerhalder Dishes On Klaus (He's On Set!), Previews Next Episode

Fans will have to wait what feels like a lifetime before the next new episode of "Vampire Diaries" airs on April 7, and until then, Ian Somerhalder (or as I like to call him Smolderhotter), is dishing on what fans can expect in that sure-to-be-juicy episode. Guess what everyone? Damon and Stefan are up to their old sibling rivalry ways! Well, that's sort of fun!

"I know that Damon and Stefan are battling some really cool supernatural forces, but Damon and Stefan are starting to butt heads again and starting to bicker again," he explained to MTV News at Cosmopolitan magazine's 2011 Fun Fearless Males party. "Which is what I think was a lot of fun about the show. As much as I love Paul Wesley and we're bros off screen, it's great when we're battling on screen."

The other big headline from the new episodes is that we FINALLY get to meet original baddie Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan), and Ian admitted he's a really cool force to have on set. "I've only seen him in his wardrobe and in his wardrobe tests, but he's a magnificent guy and I know his abilities are way up there," he explained. "I think everyone's on their toes now more because he's a bad ass."

Are you excited to see Joseph Morgan make his debut on "The Vampire Diaries"? Do you like Damon and Stefan better when they're getting along or when they're a bit at odds? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!