Willow Smith's New Music Video And Russell Brand's Kudos From Cosmo In Today's Tweet Dreams

Willow Smith had a big question for the Twitterverse that, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with whether their hair was being whipped back and forth! Instead, Willow (pictured) asked, "Have you checked out the 21st Century Girl video?" Yes, Willow has a new video out for her latest single, which Ryan Seacrest found to be, "Another fun video from @OfficialWillow Smith." While most of her followers talked about the new clip, Jimmy Kimmel had an entirely different observation about the young star today, "Will, Ow!" is what Jada yelled in the delivery room. And thus, a celebrity baby was named."

But dear Willow wasn't the only one with something to tweet about today. "Arthur" star Russell Brand announced, "Tonight I am being awarded by Cosmo for being fun and fearless. But punished by the cosmos for being a terrified drag" to which his wifey Katy Perry fired back, "@rustyrockets don't be a drag just be a queen!" Of course, Russell, being the quick-witted fellow that he is, wrote in return, "@katyperry in your honour I shall go as a drag-queen, I'm going to raid your make-up bag. X."

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@thisisrobthomas ok. the only way to handle a monday is to look it in the eye and say, "hey bud, let's party!"

-Rob Thomas, Musician (Matchbox Twenty)

@jordanknight How bout THIS...the other day...I tried to open an automatic door in the mall with my car door opener... Beat THAT!

-Jordan Knight, Singer (New Kids On The Block)

@davecoulier Going to see @candacecbure and Lori Loughlin today. It'll be a partially Full House! Pics to follow? Hmmmmm...

-Dave Coulier, Actor ("Full House")

@alyssa_milano #NewYearsEve http://post.ly/1iMM6

-Alyssa Milano, Actress ("New Year's Eve," "Hall Pass")

@tomfelton saw the back of Hugh Grants head today, it was quite profound. Following in his foot steps you see lol

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows")

@sn00ki If my Poof could talk I feel it would be a bad ass bitch.

-Snooki, Reality Star ("Jersey Shore")

@rainnwilson Mom! Mumford and Sons said the "F" word!

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Office," "The Rocker")

@brunomars I know some of yall got that Bieber Fever. But what I really wanna know is... who's tryna catch some of this MARS S.A.R.S?!?!? #eeeeeewwwww

-Bruno Mars, Singer

@allisonmunn Just finished the last Hunger Games book...now what do I do?

-Allison Munn, Actress ("One Tree Hill," "What I Like About You")