'Where She Went' Book Trailer: Get An EXCLUSIVE First Look!

Want to know how I measure whether a book truly moves me? I call it the Kleenex Factor. A One Factor would be a single, sad tear rolling down my cheek. A Ten Factor would be sobbing into my down comforter uncontrollably while I pretend that my momentary loss of breath and vision is perfectly normal. Few books ever get beyond a Five or Six...but then there's Gayle Forman's 2009 novel "If I Stay," which may have measured an Eleven.

The book centers around teen cellist Mia, who after a catastrophic car accident that claims the lives of her entire family, is left in a comma. As her spirit detaches from her injury-addled body, she must decide whether to will herself to live or succumb to a tragic death. A big factor in her decision is rocker boyfriend Adam, and though she ultimately decides to stay, she doesn't stay with Adam, which we find out in the follow-up, "Where She Went."

Told from Adam's perspective, the action fast-forwards three years later. Mia has left Oregon (and Adam) to pursue her dreams in New York City, but a chance meeting in the Big Apple reunites the two former loves and, well...you'll have to pick up a copy of the novel on April 5 to find out what happens.

In the meantime, we've gotten our hands on an EXCLUSIVE first look at the book's trailer. The moody, one-minute clip narrated by Adam (Mr. Voice Over Actor has one sexy voice...) explains the pair's history and looks forward to the fateful night they reunite. "Now that I have this one night with her, maybe I can find out some of the answers to my questions," he explains (as we swoon).

Click play on clip above to see the entire "Where She Went" book trailer.

Will you be picking up Gayle Forman's "Where She Went" when it hits bookstores?