Vanessa Hudgens Talks 'Beastly' Attraction To Alex Pettyfer

My personal, shameful secret is that I think Alex Pettyfer's bald and be-scarred look in "Beastly" is, uh, kind of incredibly sexy...or at least, it was a secret. Now it's internet news! But leading lady Vanessa Hudgens has her own ideas about what makes "Beastly"'s beastie so appealing —and it's got nothing to do with a fetish for hairlessness. (Not that I have one! I mean... yeah. Gonna just shut up now.)

"I feel like a lot of girls think it's easier to go under the radar, to not really stand up and let their true selves be out there and known," she explained. "And I feel like when that happens, a lot of girls look up to guys who embody that, who are just truly out there. And of course my character falls for that, as I think a lot of other girls would."

Of course, it also helps the whole "falling in love" thing if the ugly-but-out-there guy in question has the body and underlying bone structure of Alex Pettyfer. But as far as Vanessa is concerned, this is a pure emotional connection that transcends any sort of physical attraction.

"And slowly she falls in love with him," she said. "And not for his appearance. Which I think is the most beautiful part of it."

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