Get An EXCLUSIVE First Look At The 'Beautiful Chaos' Cover (And Mark The Release Date)!

If it feels like you've been waiting 17 moons for new details about the third novel in Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's engrossing Southern Gothic series, "The Caster Chronicles," you're not alone. We didn't name the book one of the 11 YA novels we can't wait to read in 2011 for nothin'. Thankfully, our wait is now over!

On Tuesday, the novel's title ("Beautiful Chaos") was announced, which author Kami Garcia said aptly describes the tone and events of the third tome. "When you read the book, I think [the title] will be really obvious," she said. "Without a spoiler, for those who read 'Beautiful Darkness,' they know that there were a lot of actions at the end of the book, a lot of decisions that were made that yield serious consequences and some of those consequences are the essence of chaos to us." Interrrresting!

If the title wasn't enough scoop for your Caster-loving hearts though, rejoice, because today we have the great honor of revealing both the book's cover art and the release date! Feast your eyes on the full cover for "Beautiful Chaos" after the jump!

Can we just say, we're LOOOOVING the rich, gold lettering? According to publisher Little, Brown and Company, the calligraphy will actually be finished in gold foiling. Super-fancy, right? And are we all in agreement that the gate pictured here is the one surrounding the Ravenwood manor? Could this mean all of the magical Ravenwood-Duchanneses are moving back to the outskirts of Gatlin? (We certainly hope so!)

Yet, the author duo admitted that they didn't choose the cover image to convey a specific message about the third novel. In fact, Kami and Margaret don't actually get involved in the design. "To us the first cover completely encompasses the mystery and feel of the book itself... That was [designer David Caplan's] first try that he presented to us, so after that we just never got involved," she explained. "We don't suggest, we don't ask. We feel like you don't need to be in the operating room telling the surgeon where to put the scalpel, so we completely trust him. But it's funny—like the fans, we spend time guessing what image and what color they're going to put on it."

And now to the second part of our reveal. We bet you're just dying to know when you can get your hands on the latest installment of Lena and Ethan's love story. Well, mark your calendars for...October 18, 2011.

Seven months still seems like a long time to wait, but in the meantime, our friends at NextMovie have scoop on the highly anticipated film adaptation of "Beautiful Creatures." Click over to get the latest straight from the authors!

All right, Caster fans! What do you think about the cover for "Beautiful Chaos"? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!