Miley Cyrus' 'So Undercover' Gets Release Date, Distributor

For fans wondering when they'll get the chance to see Miley Cyrus' FBI comedy, "So Undercover," wonder no more! According to The Hollywood Reporter the flick is set for an October release and will be distributed by The Weinstein Company.

The movie, which was directed by Tom Vaughan and co-stars Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley and Kelly Osbourne, is about a young woman who snags a job with the FBI to penetrate a sorority and protect a mobster's daughter. We assume, from there, hi-jinks and hilarity ensue.

"We've been working so hard," Miley recently dished about filming the movie. "Literally, I'm in every scene except one or two, so we've been here working really long hours. It was nice to have a night just to be able to hang out, all the crew and all the cast, to be able to hang out as friends, not in just a work environment.

"I've had an awesome time shooting this movie," she added. "I'm excited for you guys to see it, really digging it. I wanted to tell you guys I love you...peace."

Miley also had to learn some action fighting for the film. "I've been doing fighting, like learning how to box...mostly like street fighting, so knowing how to, like, if someone comes up from behind you, being able to defend yourself," she said. "I have a trainer and I have bruises everywhere from, like, kicking the bags... And I've learned how to use guns, which was really scary."

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