Happy Bieber To You! Here's How Justin Can Top 16!

It's hard to believe, but Justin Bieber is entering the final stretch of his onward march to full-blown manhood. The pop star turns 17 today, closing the door on a great year that was full of world touring, huge hits, photo shoots, TV cameos, and non-stop featuredom in the pages of Tiger Beat—not to mention the release of his documentary "Never Say Never"! But while some people might be suffering from Bieber Fatigue, we're on tenterhooks as we wonder what Justin can possibly do in the coming year to top his stratospheric rise to fame at 16.

Well, wonder no more! Because using the advanced features of Photoshop our office-issued time machine, we stayed up until 3am drinking TAB traveled into the future to get some great shots of what's in store for the Biebs in his 17th year. Behold Bieber as he wins a Grammy award! Thrill as he launches himself into space! Wonder at his "Breaking Dawn" cameo. Seethe with jealousy as he ties the knot with girlfriend Selena Gomez! (Assuming he can get parental permission, of course.)

What else have we envisioned for Justin in the coming months? Click on the image above to see our entire Justin Bieber birthday flipbook!

Whatcha think, Crushers: Will this be Bieber's greatest year yet? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter! (And don't forget to wish the Biebs a happy b-day too!)

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