'90210' Recap: 'Blue Naomi'

Ding dong the witch is dead! Finally, after months of sneaking and sabotaging, we said goodbye to not-so Innocent Cousin Emily. During her stay in Beverly Hills, she had managed to isolate Annie from her friends and boyfriend, steal her part in the local play and caused her to get a three-day suspension from school. Not too shabby. With all of that, Emily believed she had finally secured her spot as one of West Bev's ruling members. (Eh, not so fast, Kansas. Those flowers the girls got you were not that nice.)

So Emily shed her humble exterior and opted for part theater diva, part man stealer in order to make a direct move for Liam. (She apologized for hitting on him, by...hitting on him. Maybe that's a Kansas thing?) The two went to dinner together to take the edge off his recent tension with Annie, and just when I wanted to scream for Liam to start thinking with his head instead of something else, he proved that he's lived in Beverly Hills long enough to know how to pull off his own take down. Baiting Emily with news that Naomi and the girls think she's "dull and unsophisticated," he finally revealed the woman behind the curtain as one who does not think highly of just about everyone at their school. Rather than stay and deal with the fallout (namely, Naomi making her life a living hell), Emily decided it would be best to ship out. Have fun in the Ozarks!

Meanwhile, Naomi was also busy making a play for the nerd of her dreams. Taking a cue from Cher Horowitz, Ms. Clark checked off all the steps in the Get Him to Notice You Because of Your Physical Appearance pamphlet (using the sexy schoolgirl and trench coat surprise moves), yet Max (harshly) revealed it was her personality that he found ugly (and snobbish, arrogant and shallow). But Naomi wouldn't go down that easily. What's a real romance without a grand gesture? While some prefer John Cusack with a boombox, Naomi hoped that showing up in full Na'vi attire would seal the deal. As it turned out, nerds can be mean too! Naomi's embarrassment upon being the only blue girl in the theater revealed her vulnerability and led her to admit her true feelings for Max. Finally the nerd gave into the Queen Bee, and the two shared a kiss outside, smeared blue paint and all (of course, this is all on the down low...for now).

Dixon officially went into business with Navid and Shirazi Studios, and the two prepared to woo a big plastic surgeon client for a series of commercials. After getting a list of grueling responsibilities from his new boss, Dixon headed to get the Ferrari detailed (priority No. 1) before the meeting. And then he met Snoop Dogg and the universe imploded. Even though the awkwardness of the fanboy rapping to the artist made me squirm with embarrassment, Mr. D-O-double-G must have been having a fat day, because he simply laughed it off, invited Dixon to roll with him and later agreed to shoot a video at Shirazi Studios. Ah, if only it were that easy!

Ivy's new stoner friend Raj has helped her get over her ex-boyfriend, and his carefree attitude had her seeing the world in a different light. But despite their shared taste in recreational activities, Raj was worried that Ivy was slacking on her schoolwork and potentially jeopardizing her future. She called him a hypocrite and accused him of looking down on for still being in high school, and he revealed that he has leukemia and potentially three-to-four years to live. Talk about a buzzkill.

And even though Emily thought Adrianna is one of the dumbest people she's ever met, our favorite fallen pop star still had a few tricks up her sleeve. Rather than confront Silver outright about cheating with Navid, Aid made her frenemy sweat, pretending she was suspicious of Navid's ex Lila, and threatening to send a revealing photo of her to the whole school. She played right into Silver's sainthood card. Because she could never let an innocent classmate be embarrassed like that, Silver confessed to being the owner of the infamous earring and thus Navid's other woman. Cue a mass email of Silver in the buff and a potential end to a very long friendship.

Is this the last of Emily? Will Adrianna and Silver make up? What's next for Naomi and Max? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!