James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio Tweet About Last Night's Oscars In Today's Tweet Dreams

James Franco was one busy guy at last night's Oscars. In addition to being co-host and a Best Actor nominee at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, he still managed to keep up on his tweeting! James (pictured) tweeted throughout the Oscar ceremony, including sharing backstage pictures and videos of himself and his partner in crime, Anne Hathaway (in one posted clip, she gives him a hand massage! http://say.ly/VWaa8b.) We especially liked the photo the "127 Hours" star took of himself on the stage of the Kodak Theatre "From the stage #OSCARSREALTIME http://say.ly/kjpa7g" as well as video of him waiting in the wings as Sandra Bullock introduced him during the Best Actor category, "http://say.ly/VWaa8b."

But James wasn't the only one who didn't get to take home the gold. A gracious and funny Mark Ruffalo ("The Kids Are All Right") used his Twitter to tell followers he was, "Happy to be a beautiful loser!" and even tweeted the Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech he didn't get the chance to use. While Leonardo DiCaprio didn't get to attend this year's Oscars as a nominee, his film "Inception" did get some love from the Academy, which prompted the actor to write from his page, "Congrats to the #Inception team for the 4 wins! Well done. #oscars"

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@nickslachey what did everyone think of the #oscars last night? i was a little disappointed to be honest. it wasn't as good of a show as the past.....

-Nick Lachey, Singer, Reality Star ("Newlyweds")

@sophiabush Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are hilarious! They should host the show. #Oscars

-Sophia Bush, Actress ("One Tree Hill")

@circakigordon That Twilight auto-tune musical number was hilarious! #Oscars and congrats to the winners of that golden man.

-Kiowa Gordon, Actor ("Eclipse," "Breaking Dawn")

@nicolescherzy Congratulations to King's Speech! Its one of my favorite movies in a very long time...

-Nicole Scherzinger, Singer, Reality Star ("Dancing With the Stars")

@blakelewis So happy Natalie Portman and Christian Bale won last night. WERD up!

-Blake Lewis, Singer, Reality Star ("American Idol")

@joejonas I liked the Oscars yesterday. Bet on them with friends. Banksy should have won #Justsaying

-Joe Jonas, Singer, Actor ("Jonas LA")

@misskellyo Florence is killing it at elton's party I'm so so so proud of her http://plixi.com/p/80572280

-Kelly Osbourne, Reality Star ("The Osbournes")

@jennaldewan Went to Madonnas Oscar party and it. was. insane. Never seen anything like it! That's what parties in LA are supposed to be like!

-Jenna Dewan, Actress ("Step Up," "Take The Lead")

@msleamichele Got to meet some incredible people..induing the queen herself...Madonna! And ended the night eating pasta with Tom Hanks! So unbelievable!!

-Lea Michele, Actress ("Glee")

@katyperry @rustyrockets I'm not washing ur pants! They smell of FARTS! #oscars #?

-Katy Perry, Singer