Hillywood Show Debuts 'Vampire Diaries' Parody: Mystic Falls Show Us Their Teeth

You probably know The Hillywood Show (a.k.a. the sister production team of Hannah and Hilly Hindi) best for their imaginative musical "Twilight" parodies (Lady Gaga meets Edward Cullen! Bella Swan rocks out in leather pants!), but the duo are tackling a new set of bloodsuckers this time around: Mystic Falls' own Damon and Stefan Salvatore. But in even more meta fashion than usual, these aren't the Damon and Stefan you're used to.

In fact, those aren't the brothers' names at all. The parody begins with "Damien" and "Steven" (Salvatore doppelgangers—clever) sitting in a dentist office waiting for their check-up. How else do we discover these aren't the "Vampire Diaries" hunks we know and love? They watch "Glee." Yep, Steven is anxious about his appointment because he watched that laughing-gas-hallucination episode (that reminds us...where has John Stamos been?). Anyway, when they finally get called for their cleaning, it's by a scrubs-clad hygienist who looks an awful lot like Nina Dobrev. And that's where the fun begins.

What ensues is a trippy mash-up of iconic "Vampire Diaries" imagery, from the masquerade ball to a remake of those steamy season 2 promotional ads—all cleverly set to Gaga's Fame Monster track "Teeth" (those Hindi sisters are such dedicated Little Monsters!).

The video is a fun nod to the "TVD" fandom—any series watcher will appreciate the little details from the title sequence to Katherine's curly locks to the Caroline and Bonnie back-up singers. But where the "Twilight" parodies follow a defined (however tenuous) plot trajectory, this latest effort feels more like an extended music video rather than a parody. That isn't to say we didn't enjoy it. We have a feeling it's a bit more difficult to encapsulate an ongoing series rather than a movie that has a defined beginning, middle and end.

Watch the entire video on The Hillywood Show website.

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