Oscars 2011: We LIVE STREAMED/BLOGGED The Red Carpet!

Hollywood's biggest night has finally arrived! Welcome to our LIVE STREAM/BLOG of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards red carpet! MTV News' intrepid movies editor/reporter extraordinaire Josh Horowitz will be chatting with all the hottest stars as they make their way into the Kodak Theatre for what's bound to be a memorable night. (I mean, come on, James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting? We're sold!)

In addition to all the LIVE red carpet goodness, your trusty Hollywood Crush writers will offer their own commentary on the night's biggest fashion hits—and what are bound to be a few style slip-ups.

It all begins NOW, so grab your Snuggie and your laptop, nestle into the couch and HIT REFRESH OFTEN. And, as always, we want to hear from you! Be sure to leave all of your thoughts, musings and random epiphanies in the comments section below!

8:05 Head on over to Movies Blog for their live blog of the entire ceremony! (Beginning at 8:30...)

8:05 And that's a wrap! Thanks for joining Hollywood Crush for our Oscars red carpet LIVE STREAM/BLOG!

8:02 Mark Wahlberg just told Josh, "If I knew I would have been talking to you, I would have brought my knife." Scary.

BTW, have you watched "The Knife Show"?

7:55 FINALLY caught a glimpse of the very pregnant Natalie Portman. I love the burgundy gown!

7:51 Only minutes left of our LIVE STREAM before the big show starts. Who are your fashion favorites tonight? Kudos from Crush go to Mila, Halle, Anne and Jennifer, just to name just a few. Sound off in the comments about which ones you love!

7:46 Surprise! Helena Bonham Carter looks...tame tonight. Though I can't see her shoes from this angle...

7:42"I need me some feathers and Muppets," Gwyneth Paltrow says about her performance tonight. We miss Cee Lo, too. She just described her gown as a SCUBA suit/Oscars dress. Apt, indeed. Gwyn's filming a bit more "Glee" this week. Holly Holliday and Mr. Schue start dating!

7:37 Nicole Kidman is one of the first starlets on the carpet wearing white. What do you think of her structured couture?

7:34 Gwyneth Paltrow is in Calvin Klein. Her hair is nearly the same color as her dress. Intentional? Serendipity?

7:32 I know a lot of people aren't liking Scarlett Johansson's maroon lace dress, but I don't mind it. I'm a fool for gem tones.

7:29 Is it just us, or does Reese Witherspoon kind of look like Julia Roberts circa 2001?

7:27 Halle Berry's nude dress is a total win.

7:26 Red alert! Sandra Bullock's sporting scarlet too!

7:21 Jeremy Renner is looking pretty yummy tonight. Just sayin'.

7:19 Tim Burton...not so talkative tonight.

7:17 And Andrew Garfield just ran by...sad face.

7:14 So about this "Twilight" musical moment. Will James Franco be our next Edward Cullen? Can Anne Hathaway capture the essence of Bella Swan?

7:10 So far red and nude are the predominant fashion themes tonight. Anyone notice any other prominent colors?

7:08 Do you agree with Christina that there haven't been any fashion disasters yet?

7:07 "Twilight" musical moment supposedly happening in Act 7 of the ceremony (about halfway through). Stay tuuuuuned...

7:05 Amy Adams was nominated for playing an "MTV girl." <3 Also, all of Amy's "On The Road" scenes were shot with Kristen Stewart. Are you guys super-excited for that movie?

7:01 Want to win Zachary over? Two words: beef jerky.

6:59 Zachary Levi does not plan on licking Josh's face. FYI. But he did crack a defecation joke, so...yay?

6:57 Ewwwww... and Russell Brand just licked Josh's face. Par for the course. On a sidenote, Russell's mom is so adorable.

6:55 Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is performing at the ceremony. Am I the only one super-excited to see her? ALSO: Florence has not been approached for the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack...yet.

6:53 We're nearly an hour into our two-hour red carpet LIVE STREAM. Who do you think is best dressed so far?

6:50 Hailee totally bookmarked us. We knew we loved her for a reason. She says she's met with "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross, adding vaguely, "There's a lot of projects we're looking at at the moment." Fingers crossed! (You knew we'd ask...)

6:47 And...Armie's back. Swooooooon. He just gave props to Hailee Steinfeld! Double swoooooon.

6:46 Check out the red carpet's best looks in our very stylish Oscars fashion flipbook.

6:42 Jennifer Lawrence's red stunner was the first dress she tried on. Impressivo! And, can we just say girl's got a great sense of humor. FYI, Jennifer is not up for a role in Taylor Lautner's "Incarceron." Boo.

6:39 I'm not sure how I feel about Amy Adams' sparkly purple L'Wren Scott. Cap sleeves are kind of meh in my opinion. What do you think?

6:35 Tool belts? The next red carpet trend? Weigh in (and make red carpet correspondent Christina Garibaldi feel better about herself...)

6:33 Josh just gave his pick for Best Picture ("The King's Speech). Who do you think will win?

6:31 Mandy Moore is in a sparkly nude Monique Lhuillier gown. Nude is emerging as a trend tonight...

6:29 While we're on a break...anyone have any guesses as to what the ceremony's big "Twilight" surprise will be?

6:27 Kunis dress update: It's an Elie Saab.

6:25 Is that Busy Philipps holding Michelle Williams' hand on the red carpet? #DawsonsCreekForever

6:23 Awww, we so love Hailee Steinfeld. Kind of wish she'd worn something a bit more colorful—the shade of her Marchesa is too close to her skin tone.

6:22 Holy décolletage, Batman! I really hope Miss Kunis invested in some double-sided tape for tonight.

6:20 Florence Welch's cream-colored frock looks kind of like a tiered wedding cake. Man, I need dessert...

6:16 Can we tear ourselves away from Armie Hammer long enough to chat about wife Elizabeth's dress? The metallic black almost looks like leather. We like.

6:13 Mila Kunis in pale purple = fab, fab, fab

6:12 What do you guys think about Melissa Leo's sparkly white Marc Bouwer? It's pretty regal.

6:08 "The Kids Are All Right" star Josh Hutcherson has total Hollywood hunk potential. Yes?

6:06 Hottie alert! I spy "Social Network" stud Armie Hammer. Gosh, I'm so bummed that man is married—I'd like to friend him.

6:05 Who are you guys excited to see on the carpet tonight? Natalie Portman? Hailee Steinfeld? James Franco? Tell us in the comments!

6:02 Wowzers! Jennifer Lawrence looks red H.O.T. in her Calvin Klein Collection gown. It looks so great with her skin tone. What do you guys think?

6:01 We're still taking your star questions for the Oscars red carpet! Send them to @joshuahorowitz using #oscars.

6:00 And...we're LIVE!

5:45 Are you ready for our LIVE STREAM? Josh is!