'Love, Wedding, Marriage' Trailer Debuts: We Have A Shirtless Kellan Lutz!

by Alex Mohr

What do you get when you combine a newlywed marriage counselor with hilarious parents who drop the bomb that they’re getting divorced weeks before their blowout anniversary party? If you’re talking about "Love, Wedding, Marriage," then you must mean the golden recipe for a blockbuster comedy.

The trailer, which hit the web today, seems to have all of the key ingredients for a successful wedding-centric movie: father James Brolin moving in with the newlyweds (walking in on them canoodling, natch), an eccentric marriage counselor called in as a last resort to save the marriage and, of course…Jane Seymour.

This isn’t helmer Dermot Mulroney’s first walk down the aisle as he starred in "My Best Friend’s Wedding" alongside Julia Roberts, but this does mark his directorial debut. As for Mandy Moore, who we watched jump through hoops just to make it to the altar in "License to Wed," she'll be flexing her acting chops as she embodies not only as a happy newlywed but a go-to girl for marriage advice. Needless to say she will not accept defeat when her idealized picture of a perfect couple comes crashing down before her eyes. What does she do instead? Ask Jessica Szohr to help her pick out flower arrangements for the anniversary celebration that is going to happen.

If you’re not going to see the movie to find out whether Mandy's crusade to save her parents' marriage is successful or not, then you should consider going for the following reason: Kellan Lutz’s abs. The trailer promises a few shirtless scenes, even if one of them does happen to involve Mandy throwing a roll of toilet paper at that beautiful blond head of his. We can handle that.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

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