Nick Jonas Wants Fans To Vote For Kevin At The Kids' Choice Awards

The Jonas Brothers are up for three orange blimps at the Kids' Choice Awards next month, and Nick Jonas recently admitted to MTV News that the guys are certainly ready to take home one of the trophies come awards night.

"We're really blessed to be nominated for favorite band again this year," he dished. "We'd love to win it. That'd be great. We're up against some great people, who have had some great success."

Aside from the music accolade, the guys (well, specifically Nick and Joe) are also up for an acting prize. But Nick wants fans to write in another brother to take home the award.

"And as far as the best actor nomination goes, I'm really shocked by that. As far as the acting thing goes I'm still learning," he said. "I don't know if I'll win it. I hope I do. Maybe the fans will vote for us. It's always funny with me and Joe, it kind of splits the vote a bit and so maybe just vote for Kevin. I think no matter if Joe or I did win, I'd be like, 'I think Kevin's the funniest actor out of all of us. He deserves this.'"

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