What's Next For Oscar Nominees Like James Franco, Natalie Portman And Hailee Steinfeld?

This Sunday we have a hot date planned with the likes of James Franco, Natalie Portman, Jesse Eisenberg, Hailee Steinfeld and, of course, a fellow named Oscar.

Our very favorite stars will put on their best threads and vie for a coveted Academy Award, and whether or not our picks get to take the podium at the Kodiak Theater, all of them have some amazing projects lined up in the next few months and years that we're equally excited for.

Here now is rundown of what's next for some of our favorite 2011 Oscar nominees:

James Franco: We'd like to suggest that James Franco, who will be pulling double duty on February 27, as both a Best Actor nominee ("127 Hours") and co-host of the ceremony with Anne Hathaway, take a well-deserved nap. But, as we all know, that's simply not in the cards for the always-on-the-go star. In addition to tweeting, continuing his education at Yale (as well as teaching a course...about himself!), James will star in the upcoming historical comedy "Your Highness" (featuring none other than fellow 2011 Oscar nominee, Natalie Portman) as well as the latest take on "Planet of the Apes" called "Rise of the Apes."

Natalie Portman: Come to think of it, if there's anyone busier than James these days, it's Natalie! The Best Actress contender has already pulled a one-two punch over the past few months with her Oscar-nominated performance in "Black Swan" and the box office-friendly rom-com "No Strings Attached." She'll soon go for laughs alongside James in "Your Highness" and then make the fanboys go gaga in the big-screen version of the comic book "Thor." In case that wasn't enough to keep her occupied, she's also expecting her first baby with fiance Benjamin Millepied!

Jesse Eisenberg: Thanks to his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network," the Academy finally took note of what we've seen in Jesse Eisenberg all along (well, besides funny and cute): talent! The Best Actor nominee will keep things rolling with his part in the upcoming animated movie "Rio" and then play a delivery guy in the comic caper "30 Minutes or Less."

Hailee Steinfeld: Let's put it this way, if we want you to play Katniss Everdeen in the "Hunger Games" movie, we really love you here at Hollywood Crush. Whether or not Hailee, who has had quite the breakout year thanks to her Best Supporting Actress-nominated performance in "True Grit," gets to play Katniss is still up in the air, but there's already plenty to look forward to from the 14-year-old star. Hailee has booked her first post-"True Grit" project, a psychological thriller called "Forgotten," in which she'll play a teen who loses her memory everyday.

Jeremy Renner: Academy voters are welcoming Jeremy Renner back for the second year (no complaints here!) for his work in "The Town," which scored him a Best Supporting Actor nod. But we'll see him plenty of places other than just the red carpet in the next year, when he hits the big screen opposite Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" and then shows off his superhero side in Joss Whedon's "The Avengers," expected to hit theaters in 2012.

Michelle Williams: If there's a better dramatic actress out there than Michelle Williams, we'd be hard-pressed to find one. She earned her second career Oscar nod this year (this time for Best Actress), thanks to her work in "Blue Valentine," but we wouldn't be surprised if Michelle racked up more nominations again with her upcoming projects, including the pioneer drama "Meek's Cutoff" and the indie "Take This Waltz." But we think the one that will do the trick is the upcoming "My Week With Marilyn," which is due in theaters later this year.

Amy Adams: From Disney-esque princess to brash Boston girlfriend, Amy Adams earned her third Oscar nod in the Best Supporting Actress category, this time for "The Fighter." Amy will continue to show her range when she plays opposite Jason Segel and Muppets in, natch, "The Muppets," as well as the long-awaited adaptation of "On The Road," which she'll star in with Kristen Stewart. But, much like Michelle, we're guessing it's her upcoming role in a biopic that will find her back at the Oscars when she plays Janis Joplin in next year's "Get It While You Can."

Jennifer Lawrence: If anyone had as big of a breakout year as Hailee, it was Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence ("Winter's Bone"). And it seems Hollywood has no intention of letting the 20-year-old out of their sights as she can be seen in the upcoming dark comedy "The Beaver" as well as the Sundance hit "Like Crazy." Of course, we're betting her part as a young Mystique in "X-Men First Class" will propel Jennifer to superstar status.

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Which Oscar nominees upcoming projects are you most looking forward to, Crushers? Let us know in the comments below!

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