'Blue Bloods: Lost In Time' EXCLUSIVE Cover And Behind-The-Scenes Video Heat Things Up

We may not be finished with winter, but things are definitely heating up, thanks to the newest, and perhaps most scandalous, book in Melissa de la Cruz's "Blue Bloods" series.

For those of you who've already devoured "Misguided Angels" and "My Bloody Valentine," we know you've been searching for ways to get your vampire fix of late. "Lost In Time," the sixth and latest installment from the popular NYC-set saga about privileged vampires, doesn't hit shelves until October 4, but we've got your FIRST LOOK at the book's cover and a behind-the-scenes video of its steamy photo shoot to hold you over until then. Keep reading after the jump to see the video, including the full cover!

"Lost In Time" picks up with Schuyler Van Alen and her love Jack Force forced to go their separate ways after their trip to Florence. She must travel to Alexandria to fulfill the Van Alen legacy by searching for Catherine of Siena and the Gate of Promise, while he returns to the Big Apple to face his twin sister (and former bondmate) Mimi. Things get even more complicated when Mimi jets off to Egypt to find her former lover Kingsley Martin, all while the Coven threatens to fall apart around her. Just another day on the Upper East Side, no?

Did this sneak peak make you even more excited for "Lost In Time"? Are you feeling the book's cover?  If watching that clip over and over again simply isn't enough, feel free to share your "Blue Bloods" waiting frustrations or predictions in the comments or on Twitter!