Robert Pattinson To Grace Vanity Fair's April Cover: Which Past Photo Is Your Fave?

It's no secret we here at Hollywood Crush have a wee, well, crush on Robert Pattinson. Really, who could blame us? But if there's one publication that could give us a run for our Robert-loving money it's certainly Vanity Fair. The dreamy "Twilight" star has graced the pages of the magazine numerous times in the past three years—and he's about to do it again.

Multiple sources are reporting that the 24-year-old will be featured on the cover of VF's April issue, which hits newsstands March 3. The shoot was done by legendary photog Annie Leibovitz, and according to Gossip Cop, even features a FOUR-FOOT LONG ALLIGATOR. (There's definitely a vampire-alligator-bite joke in here somewhere.) Though we'll have to wait another week for the issue, Hollywood Life has some behind-the-scenes images to whet your appetite (as if that's really necessary...)

All this splendid Robert/VF news got me thinking about the actor's past shoots with the magazine and which one is my favorite. After much close study, research and scrutiny, I've decided this image from RPattz's first foray in the magazine wins my vote. Sure, he's graced the magazine's cover solo, but this pic of him and Kristen Stewart from the December 2008 issue is just From their sun-kissed locks to their smoldering stares, both actors have never looked better than in this sexy shot.

But that's just my opinion! We want to hear from you, Crushers! Which photo from Rob's past Vanity Fair shoots is your favorite? Leave a link in the comments section so we can all drool together.