Dakota Fanning Turns 17, Is Awesome

The lovely and talented Dakota Fanning turns 17 today, and here at Hollywood Crush, that means just one thing: reading her Wikipedia page, stuffing our faces with Twinkies and feeling really, reeeeeeally insecure about what we've accomplished in life.

Oh, and also, a celebratory look at what's next for the poised and prolific actress who's pretty positioned to become the next Meryl Streep. (Okay, yeah, let's do that first; the self-hatred and sobbing can happen later.)

Dakota has already proved her chops as a versatile powerhouse of an artist—in 2010 alone, she wowed us as an iconic rockstar in "The Runaways" and a member of "The Twilight Saga's reigning vampire royalty. But while most girls in her position would take a well-deserved birthday break to relax, recharge and bask in the warm glow of raging success, this one isn't slowing down; in fact, she's booked for three major roles in the coming year.

Unlike other actresses in her position, Dakota seems to be having no trouble making the transition from child star to serious dramatist. Instead, she's taking on a slew of diverse projects—beginning with "Mississippi Wild," where she'll go on the lam as the girlfriend of a jewel-thieving good old boy. The movie begins production next month and gives Dakota a chance to revisit her Southern roots...at least until she jets off to London for her role as a teenage princess in "Girl's Night Out." And because more is better, she's also picked up a part in "Motel Life"—a thriller in which she'll act opposite Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff.

So Happy Birthday, Dakota! Here's to another year in which you accomplish even more amazing things, thus making us even more insanely jealous of you!

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