'Glee' Will Perform Two Original Songs During March 15 Episode: Good Idea?

Call Rachel Berry a prophet: Just as the mini-diva lamented in last week's episode that New Directions' rendition of "SING" by My Chemical Romance is simply not up to Regionals' standards (especially against the likes of The Warblers and Oral Intensity), the McKinley High kids will indeed be performing their own music.

ONTD reports that the upcoming March 15 episode of "Glee" will feature two original songs, "Get Right" and "Loser Like Me." The former is described as a stirring ballad brought home by Lea Michele, while "Loser Like Me" (performers have yet to be announced) was co-written by pop phenom Max Martin, responsible for timeless hits by Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Pink and many more.

Even amidst Bieber Fever, reviews for last week's "Comeback" were mixed, so will the response to these original songs be much better? It's true that all of the show's performers are extremely talented—some have even begun their foray into solo music careers (or did you miss Mark Salling's solo album?)—yet a large part of the "Glee" fun rests in their interpretations of popular tunes we're loving right now, or have largely forgotten, as the show has proven the ability to catapult former one-hit wonders to the top of the iTunes chart.

What do you think Crushers? Excited to hear some original "Glee" tunes? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!