Hailee Steinfeld Cast In First Post-'True Grit' Movie, 'Forgotten'

In just a few days, Hailee Steinfeld could be an Academy Award-winning actress thanks to her breakthrough performance in the Western "True Grit."

Whether or not she actually goes home with the gold, the 14-year-old has already wowed Hollywood with her talents, making her one of the most in-demand young starlets out there (she's even been one of the names considered to play Katniss in the upcoming, highly-anticipated "Hunger Games" big screen adaptation!)

According to Deadline, Hailee has her first post-"True Grit" project lined up, a drama called "Forgotten." In it, Hailee will play London Lane, a teenage girl who loses her memory every day at 4:33 p.m and can only recall things that happen in her future. She also relies on notes to herself, as well as a school friend, to help guide her through life.

Things get even more complicated when London meets a boy (oh, the casting options!), but he doesn't appear in her flash forwards, where some unsettling things are starting to unfold. If anyone can handle material like this, we're confident it's Hailee!

Luckily, Hailee's fans will get to delve into the story well before the movie hits theaters when Cat Patrick's novel of the same name (which the film will be based on) arrives on shelves this June. On her website, Cat's upcoming book is described as, "Part psychological thriller and part romance, 'Forgotten' is for every reader who enjoys pondering life’s great 'what-if' questions."

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