'I Am Number Four' Star Teresa Palmer Explains How To Seductively Walk Away From An Explosion

We'll take any opportunity to stare at dreamy Alex Pettyfer (who may or may not be the next Robert Pattinson) for a solid two hours, so if you're wondering where to find us over the long holiday weekend, look no further than an "I Am Number Four" screening at the multiplex.

Though Alex's alien John Smith is fun to look at and all, there's one character who beats him out in the badass department: Teresa Palmer's Number Six. You see, John's just learning to harness his powers (or legacies as they're called), whereas Number Six is already in full-out warrior goddess mode. Number Six has no fear and easily blasts through Mogadorians like they're those pigs in Angry Birds. Seriously, we have a girl crush already.

In fact, the first time we meet Number Six is during a particularly, um, explosive scene in which a poor beach house is blown to smithereens. So when we caught up with Teresa at a junket for the film, we just had to ask for some tips on how to seductively walk away from just such an explosion (because we often find ourselves facing that scenario).

"There was a real explosion, but how we did it was, I walked out of the house, and I had to do this sort of sexy swagger, and I walked out and did the hair-flick," she explained. "I had the sunglasses on, and then there'd be two guys running behind me with a big green screen, like running and putting it in, and then we'd call cut and move away and then they'd blow up the house. I guess they composited it together so it looked like I was actually walking away from the fire."

Hmmm...well that's not quite as exciting. But don't worry, Teresa, our girl crush is still firmly in tact. In fact, we may like you even more after hearing how you struggled with the scene. "I had to do that about 12 times because I'm walking in these really high combat boots, and I'm walking in sand and I'm trying to make it look sexy and do the head thing and the sunglasses thing and they kept falling down and I would fall over," she recalled. "So it just wasn't fluid at all. And I think that was probably the only usable take that was in the movie."

Will you be seeing "I Am Number Four" this weekend?