'Glee' Recap: 'Comeback'

"Everything Justin Bieber does is epic." While that may be true (I have absolutely no intention of upsetting you Beliebers... we've all seen what you're capable of!) unfortunately the same couldn't be said for "Glee" last night. While it wasn't a bad episode per se, "Comeback" was a bit lackluster and definitely jumbled in its execution.

Things got off to a shaky start when Sue threatened to commit sue-icide (a pretty touchy thing for Ryan Murphy to joke about, actually) because she could no longer live with the shame of that embarrassing Katie Couric interview and her Cheerios losing the championship.

After a suggestion from Emma that she sit in with the glee club in an attempt to lift her spirits, Sue became an honorary New Directions member and flip-flopped between conniving (she pit Rachel and Mercedes against each other to cause a stir, but more on that later) and the caring person she is deep down inside (it was hard not to get a little teary-eyed when she and Will paid a visit to sick children at the hospital.)

Even after getting into the spirit of glee club (Sue joined the plaid-clad kids for a rousing rendition of My Chemical Romance's sweeping "Sing"), it wasn't enough to sway the sinister Sylvester to the good side. By the episode's end, Sue had apparently kicked her depression enough to get back to trying to bring down the glee club by becoming the coach for rival club Oral Intensity.

Still, Sue's storyline wasn't the only one that felt a little lost. Seeking a post-Finn break-up comeback, Rachel recruited Brittany to make her a fashion icon at school, a plan that, as expected, backfired. Later we found a still-frazzled Rachel having her diva-off with Mercedes, in which they covered "Take Me Or Leave" from "Rent."

Even though the song was terribly out of context from the episode and the musical itself, it did give Lea Michele the opportunity to do her on-screen mom Idina Menzel's part in the showstopper. Things concluded for Rachel with a nice, but confusing moment with Finn. I mean, who does this guy want?!

After all, we saw a whole lot of shady behavior between the newly jerkish Finn and his ex Quinn last night. When Quinn lied to her sweet boyfriend Sam about how she got mono (she claimed she gave Finn mouth-to-mouth when he choked on a gumball) Bieber fever began to spread.

In an attempt to win his lady back, Sam went the full Bieber (Purple hoodie? Check Trademark hair? Check!) and even created his own one-man cover band, The Bieber Experience ("I mean who’s more rock and roll than Justin Bieber? No one," he argued.)

His cute cover of "Baby" hadn't quite convinced Quinn, but it certainly worked wonders on Artie, Mike and Puck (who is still attempting, and getting closer, to winning over Lauren) when they all figured out very quickly that singing the Biebs was a good way to woo their ladies.

Later the four sang the show's best number of the night (and the one that convinced Quinn that Sam was a keeper), which just so happened to be another Bieber tune, "Somebody to Love." But Sam and Quinn's happiness was short-lived when he finds out she really did cheat on him with Finn and the always-predatory Santana moved in on Sam, despite his unbalanced mouth-to-head ratio.

Yes, some story lines moved along in "Comeback," but most felt entirely out of place. More so, most of the music made very little sense. Mr. Schue's assignment for the week was to pick anthems, but Brittany's definition of anthems (the bottom of ants' pants...ant hems, get it?!) made more sense than the musical choices. The Waitresses' classic "I Know What Boys Like" is an awesome tune and Ashley Fink did a fine job, but an anthem it is not. With last week's wonderful "Silly Love Songs" setting the bar awfully high, we sadly left this week on a low note.

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What do you think, Gleeks? Am I way off on this one? Was it to Bieber-iffic or not enough? Do you think Finn will get back together with Quinn or Rachel? Did you like Rachel's idea that the glee club write their own song instead of doing a cover? Will Lauren and Puck ever get together? Let us know in the comments section!

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