'90210' Recap: 'Revenge With The Nerd'

Even though they don't know the difference between Louboutins and L.L. Bean, nerds are people, too. It turns out they even have redeeming qualities. For example: Not only will they help you ace your science-lab-thingy, but they're smart enough to take down a con artist thanks to their extensive knowledge of ornithology.

It was clear from the beginning of their "Odd Couple" pairing that Naomi and Max were eventually going to click. Vowing she could bring the pizazz to the relationship, Max then showed her that science, and, well, thinking, are beneficial not only in the classroom, but in the real world. A little advice, Naomi: don't wait on this one. Just because he has glasses and a perfect G.P.A. doesn't mean Max can't get a side piece. Some girls might even call him a catch.

Even with his dad out of the picture, the Shirazi Child Porn Ring reared its ugly head, leading Navid to pledge to rebuild his family's name on something profitable and legitimate (a combination Papa Shirazi could never quite perfect). This being Hollywood, and Navid having connections with his dad's production friends, a "legit, full-service, top quality production house" seemed like his best bet. Oh, hey there's Nelly! And he needs to shoot a music video? What a coincidence. Despite having less street cred than Joe Jonas, Navid did understand the importance of keeping the artist happy (and in Nelly's case this means an infinite supply of candy corn). With the help of his wing man (and honorary St. Lunatic) Wilson, these two (high schoolers!) successfully completed a major business deal. Navid told his mother the plan for "Shirazi 2.0," and the two shared a sweet moment. Ugh, boys who love their moms, is there anything better? Navid, call me!

But then again, I guess Navid is technically a cheater, if only because Adrianna is technically a delusional wackadoo. Regardless, it must still hurt for her to learn the truth about her ex-boyfriend, even if it gives her A+ reality show fodder. Speaking of, poor Aid learned that filming a reality show isn't as easy as it looks, especially when you have a shoddy posse made up of torture victims and Ivy, who admittedly "doesn't watch a lot of reality shows" (let this be reason No. 2352 that I don't like her). After being called "the chick that stole the songs from the dead Mexican dude" (if the shoe fits...) by Nelly, and publicly rejected by Navid, Adrianna was at an all new low. In makeup that was presumably applied and smeared to perfection by an artist lurking in the shadows, Aid vowed to destroy the "skank" that Navid hooked up with. Silver tried her best to deflect Adrianna's suspicions onto one of his 18 or so unsuspecting sisters, but then what? It's a good thing Aid is way too self absorbed to study her friends' jewelry collections.

Meanwhile in stories I could care less about, Annie is still feeling the wrath of stalker Emily, yet somehow no one else is catching on. Cousin Em started to hit below the belt when she made moves on Liam—all the in the name of the thea-tah—just in(opportune) time for the already perturbed Annie to walk in. Blah, blah, blah. Call me when someone is threatening to jump off a window ledge or gets handcuffed to a water heater. But while we're on the subject... Dear Annie, All those baggy sweaters you've been wearing lately aren't doing you any favors. You look like you're at social hour in the retirement home. Has Emily been swapping your clothes for Grandma Wilson's, too?

Emily finally sort of admitted that she wasn't as sweet as she'd been pretending, but it was all stemming from Annie's cold welcome upon her arrival. This I have to agree with, as Annie wasn't exactly making room for Cousin Em at her group's lunch table (and why not? Doesn't everyone like a minion every now and again? Let's take a page from Blair Waldorf, people!). I really can't stand hearing Annie whine "she's stealing my life!" so tell me, is Emily going to skin her and wear her like last season's Versace or what?

And while Teddy struggled with his anger towards Ian and his hecklers at school, Silver saved the day once again (is there anything she can't do? Be a good best friend and wear flattering denim shorts, apparently) this time pointing him in the direction of a super-hot soccer player named Marco. Ian, who?

Overall this episode was a little bit of the a snooze. While I can always appreciate the random celebrity cameos (and have love for all early Nelly songs), I was definitely more intrigued by the possibility of new love for Naomi and Teddy, than the preexisting storylines. Bring on more Max and Marco!

Will Naomi and Max get together? Does Adrianna deserve to hear the truth from Silver? What will happen with Cousin Emily? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!