Grammy Awards Red Carpet: Snooki And Miley Cyrus Become Instant BFFs

It was quite the spectacle when Snooki and Sway took over MTV News' red-carpet coverage at last night's Grammy Awards—but nothing was more spectacular than the moment when Snooki and Miley Cyrus became instant besties, right on camera. The "Jersey Shore" star and pop-country princess ran into each other before the show began, and what ensued was no less than a total love-fest.

Spotting Snooki during her interview with Sway, Miley broke off mid-thought to shriek, "OH MY GOD IT'S SNOOKI! You're my favorite person ever!"

Fortunately, Sway was savvy enough to step aside and make way for some epic girl-crush gushing:

Snooki: You look amazing!

Miley: I love your sparkles, you're feeling the sparkles! I was talking to Pauly about how much I love you, and how my makeup artist and I are obsessed with you.

Snooki: Your makeup is freaking amazing!

Miley: She wants to do your makeup so bad!

Snooki: What are you doing after this?

Miley: We need to hang!

And there you have it: Miley Cyrus and Snooki are totally BFFs. But after another round of complimentary one-upping ("I love your dress!" "I love YOU!" "I LOVE YOU TOO!"), things get just a little awkward when Snooki asks if Miley is still planning on dressing like her for Halloween...and Miley hesitates a moment before confessing that actually, she's going to go as Fran Fine from "The Nanny" this year.

Awww. And things were going so well.

Got any predictions on the longevity of the Snooki-Miley lovefest?

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