Abigail Breslin, Julianne Moore To Star In Vampire Thriller 'Innocence'

Abigail Breslin is the latest young actress to get in on the vampire craze, though the film she is starring in is closer to the Sundance hit "Vampire" than young adult sensation "Twilight." Variety reports that Abigail has joined Julianne Moore to star in the adaptation of Jane Mendelsohn's novel "Innocence."

She will star as the main character, a 14-year-old named Beckett, who recently lost her mother in an accident. Her father moves them to the Upper East Side of Manhattan and enrolls Beckett in an elite private school. Strange events begin to unfold, and they get even stranger when Beckett's new friend, the school nurse named Pamela (and presumably who Julianne will play), starts dating her father. According to Variety, it turns out the school is really infested by a nest of vampires.

But the book is actually a bit more complex than that, and hopefully the film will get those elements across as well. Mendelsohn tells Beckett's story in stream of consciousness, so it's never quite clear what is just the fantastical ideas of a damaged 14-year-old girl after the death of her mother and what is actually happening. Reviews seemed to peg the novel as one big allegory, but the underlying message that Beckett continues to restate is the backbone of the story: it doesn't matter what is real, only what is true.

Hilary Brougher, who has two directing credits to her name, will helm "Innocence." The first is the 1997 sci-fi flick "The Sticky Fingers of Time," and the second is the Tilda Swinton-starring 2006 drama "Stephanie Daley." Since "Innocence" falls somewhere in between the two of them, Hilary seems like she'll be a good match.

It's nice to see that even though Abigail isn't starring in anything like, say, "The Hunger Games" (yet), she is still joining projects that push her skills as an actress. "Innocence" sounds like a really interesting spin on the typical vampire story, much like "Let The Right One In," and it's something we're looking forward to seeing more of.

Does "Innocence" sound like a vampire film you want to watch?