Will Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Be Featured On 'Glee'? We Asked The Stars!

Even though last season's Lady Gaga hour was entirely "Glee"-ful, in my opinion, there is always room for more theatricality. And with today's debut of her new single "Born This Way," the interwebs are abuzz with ideas for more "Glee"-Gaga pairings. MTV News recently caught up with "Glee" and "I Am Number Four" star Dianna Agron, who seemed excited about the idea.

"That would be amazing," Dianna said. "Have you seen her new album cover? It's fantastic. She rocks." While talk of new Gaga songs is still just a rumor, Dianna did shed some light on the show's upcoming Ke$ha number, which will feature the sweet moves of Brittany S. Pierce. "We all are in the dance, but Heather is the ringmaster. She’s fantastic," she said.

Max Adler, who plays McKinley's closeted bully Dave Karofsky, is also hopeful he'll get his own chance to tackle the Lady herself. "The rumors that are out there are all about the Lady Gaga song 'Born This Way,' which would be perfect for Karofsky to be a part of because the lyrics are all about accepting yourself," he said. "If that's what's out there right now, I think that would be perfect." (Hear that, Ryan Murphy? Let's make it happen!)

Yet performances aside, what us Gleeks really want to know is the future of the show's newest love triangle, featuring Sam, Quinn and Finn. Dianna's character surprised us all when she kissed her ex-BF (whom she has previously cheated on) during the post-Super Bowl episode, a dalliance that led them both to nasty cases of mono, and has her not-so-bright (but oh-so cute!) boyfriend a little suspicious.

The secret reunion between these former flames has plenty of fans divided, and Dianna herself seems conflicted over the storyline. "I don’t know. It’s hard because that was her first love and then she did what she did, and does he get over that?" she asked. "It's hard. I’ve never been in that circumstance."

What do you think Crushers? Do Quinn and Finn belong together? Do you want to see "Glee" cover more Lady Gaga? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!