'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Crying Wolf'

by Cassie Title

I have to admit: after last week's episode showed John Gilbert visiting Katherine in the tomb, I was thoroughly disappointed that we didn’t see our fave evil vamp doing some damage last night. However, she managed to still play a part à la season one: the show reverted back to giving her character serious air time without actually showing her.

Interestingly enough, the werewolves refer to Katherine first. (I was waiting to find out more about her past with Mason!) Stevie, our sadistic pack's resident Slater (RIP), explains: "There was a moment in Florida I suspected Mason was up to something, when he was banging that hot vampire chick Kathy and didn’t want anyone to know." (Um, was she really going by Kathy? Sorry, but that nickname just doesn't fit.) Apparently, Stevie should’ve known what was up when Mason started asking him all about the sun and moon curse. He thinks he's put two and two together: with Mystic Falls' influx of vampires, werewolves, and witches, Damon and co. must be trying to break the curse. Of course, we know that’s not exactly true, but the action is set in motion when the wolves decide they’ll have to break it first, because if the vamps beat them to it, they’re "as good as dead." (Really, guys? How is it any different than the state of things now? You turn at the full moon, and the dozens or so vampires with day rings roam in the sun?)

Enter Tyler, clad in..yes, it is! A black leather jacket. This must signify the fact that he’s been officially indoctrinated into the werewolf cult. Seriously, is it a requirement for all supernatural beings to wear leather? And, if so, why does John Gilbert keep donning his leather duds? (Perhaps his vampire hatred is really just jealousy?)

In all seriousness, the wolves need Tyler’s help to find the moonstone. After being almost filled in on the entirety of the curse, Jules tells Tyler that if they break it first, they can't turn at will, meaning they don’t have to turn if they don’t want to. They figure "Kathy" knows "all about it," and show Tyler her picture. Uh-oh! He identifies her as Elena, which can only mean one thing: they’ve found their "evil-twin-shadow person" (nicely put, Stevie!) It’s off to Elena’s lake house; Brady and Tyler are going to get a doppelganger.

But we can’t forget about our supernatural-less plot lines! It’s looking more and more like Jenna and Matt may actually be let into the secret society any day now! (At least if John Gilbert has his way, in Jenna’s case. Seriously, man. What are you up to?!) For now, Alaric’s feeling guilty (Why now? Why not in the 13 or so other episodes in which you’ve lied to Jenna? Is it because you’re sober? It’s true—no sign of Alaric at the Grille! He’s only had one drink at Damon’s this episode.)

Speaking of the Grille, Bonnie’s there, with Caroline, Jeremy, and…Luka? Has all been forgiven? Nope! Bonnie slips Mr. Warlock a witch roofie—seriously—in order to find out some answers by putting him in a hypnotic trance. And there are answers, indeed! Turns out Jonas and Luka are helping Elijah because they both want Klaus dead. Why, you ask? This is the good part. Klaus is holding Luka’s sister captive. Apparently, Mr. Original himself has been "forcing generations of witches for centuries" to help him break the curse without the doppelganger. Elijah’s promised to return Luka’s sister to them after the sacrifice, in exchange for their help. Because then Klaus will be weak and vulnerable, and they can kill him. Wait, after the sacrifice? That’s right! Everyone seems so surprised: Bonnie, Damon, Stefan. I’m not exactly sure why. As Elena said: "I know the deal I made. Elijah’s very careful with his words." Miss Martyr just wanted to ensure that her loved ones remained safe.

And despite the odds, they have (thus far!) The cult (er, I mean pack) try to kill Damon and Alaric when they won’t cough up the moonstone, but Elijah saves the day (not before almost killing Damon with a pencil, though. Seriously, I’ll never look at school supplies the same way again.) Brady and Tyler try to kill Stefan, until Tyler realizes that the wolves want to kill Elena to break the curse. (As lovely as that heartwarming hug was between Elena and Tyler, did anyone else find it awkward? I mean, I know they’re supposed to have known each other their whole lives, but have they ever actually talked on the show?)

Now that everyone’s safe, it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for. That’s right: Bonnie and Jeremy. This next part is a little confusing, considering I already thought they were dating last episode. But Bonnie gives some lame speech about knowing Jeremy forever, ending with "and overnight you turned into this hot, sweet guy."

Jeremy: "You think I’m hot?" (Um, who doesn’t?!)

Bonnie: rambling about all of the curse stuff.

Jeremy: "Enough." And then they have a perfectly perfect make out session! I am officially jealous of Katerina Graham.

But the drama doesn't end there. Tyler gives an excellent leading man speech to Matt, telling him how incredible Caroline is (er, dur!) and how he fell for her but she loves Matt, and that she deserves Matt, and that he better be good to her. He heads to Caroline’s house, but can’t bear to say goodbye. And then he’s in a car. With Jules. (Oh right, the rest of the pack’s dead.) Leaving. End scene.

How do you feel about Tyler leaving? Will he be back? Are Caroline and Matt going to get back together? How psyched are you about Jeremy and Bonnie? Tell us in the comments!