Disney Debuts Full-Length Trailer for 'Prom': We Totally Want To Go

According to our own personal history, the only really cool thing about Senior Prom is the chance of seeing an overenthusiastic mosher accidentally knock into a cater waiter and send an entire plate of shrimp cocktail into orbit. But the good folks in Hollywood seem to think there's waaaay more to it than that—as evidenced by the fact that every cinematic prom either a) involves people getting stabbed to death, or b) looks like an absolutely killer party with gorgeous decor, kicking music, and an impossibly attractive guest list.

But of all the prom-centric movies in the latter category, "Prom"—the Disney-produced teen dramedy that premiered its full-length trailer yesterday—is the cream of the crop. Seriously, someone invite us to this awesome prom. Yes, we know it's imaginary. WE DON'T CARE.

"Prom" follows an ensemble cast of high school students—led by Aimee Teegarden of "Scream 4"—as they attempt to plan, execute and secure dates for the perfect prom night. There's a perfectly matched would-be King and Queen; a popular blondie who finds herself falling for the bad boy (who's been assigned to prom planning as punishment for delinquent behavior) and, of course, a gawky nerd desperately in search of a date. (By the way: that nerd? It's Nicholas Braun, the cheeky youngster who played a glowing semi-super-hero in 2005's "Sky High"... and, uh, let's just say that puberty has been kind.)

We admit it, we're totally excited for this movie. Like its Disney-issued predecessors, "Prom" looks like it'll be full of high school drama, cute humor and a predictable-but-totally-aww-inducing payoff romance between the Adorable Blond Prom Planner and her Rebel Without a Corsage—the perfect trifecta of teenage feel-good film and not a blood-soaked prom queen or knife-wielding psycho in sight.

Will you be checking out "Prom" when it hits theaters?

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