'Glee' Recap: 'Silly Love Songs'

What a difference a day (well, two days really) makes, Gleeks. While I definitely enjoyed the post-Super Bowl episode for its theatrics and that crazy cool "Thriller"/"Heads Will Roll" mash-up, last night's Valentine's Day-themed "Silly Love Songs" was "Glee" at its finest: good storytelling, humor with a dose of heart, and, of course, some wonderful musical numbers.

It was a love triangle triad at McKinley High School, beginning with a surprising new couple: Puck and Lauren. Turns out, our bad boy only has eyes for Lauren, a fellow badass in her own right. Still, Lauren is apprehensive (even more so after Puck swung and missed with a rockin', but rather insensitive, rendition of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls") and makes him woo her.

While it's undetermined what their future may hold, I really liked the way Ryan Murphy handled this storyline. Rather than make it overly preachy (like he so often does) or make actress Ashley Fink a sight gag, he made a seemingly far-fetched romance feel legit.

Still, Puck's crush on Lauren majorly ticks off wrong-side-of-the-tracks Santana, who sets out on a rampage to bring them down (although Lauren, quite literally, mops the floor with her in a hallway skirmish) and the Sam-Quinn-Finn-Rachel love quadrangle.

Before we delve further into Santana's meddling, let's talk about how Finn did some scheming of his own. Feeling rather studly after his big championship football win, the QB decides to set up a Valentine's Day kissing booth to raise money for glee club. But, good deeds aside, Finn had some ulterior motives and they all include smooching his spoken-for ex Quinn.

Sam is (rightly) suspicious and Rachel still yearns for her ex while Finn and Quinn seem to be on the track to rekindling their romance, thanks to a fireworks-worthy kiss. That oh-so-sneaky Santana (who admittedly made me laugh really hard when she accused Mr. Schuester of being "addicted to vests") catches on to the two making eyes at one another (thanks in part to Finn's guilty "gassy infant look") and finds a way to give them both mono. While there's still residual feelings, it's hard to imagine Finn would condone cheating, and it's hard to root for Quinn's happy ending, as she continues to break hearts left and right.

Speaking of leftover feelings, Rachel struggles with her love for Finn during the worst time of year to be a single gal. But you've got to give Finn credit, rather than string her along or feed her lies, he gives her what she needs to move on (not to mention a sweet and adorable star necklace he meant to give her over Christmas.) And so, after a tender goodbye, Rachel goes into her cover of Katy Perry's "Firework" (watch the performance below!). Not only did Lea Michele sound great singing it (as per usual) but it was nice to have someone sing a love song to themselves.

But the storyline that undoubtedly tugged at most Gleeks' heartstrings was Kurt and Blaine's. It's no secret that Kurt has feelings for Blaine, but it seems the Warbler crooner has been pining after a GAP employee by the name of Jeremiah.

With the help of his fellow glee clubbers, Blaine serenades his crush with a sexy take on Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone." But the stunt (which, dear readers, as a former GAP employee I would have loved to see happen in my store) got the too-old-for-him Jeremiah canned from his job, leaving poor Blaine without that coveted 50 percent discount and the boy of his dreams.

Later, a brave, new Kurt confesses to Blaine that he'd thought, and hoped, the crush was on him. And in one of the show's most sincere, un-saccharine moments, Blaine admits that he's never been in a relationship and is scared to get in one with someone he cares so deeply about. We know that just like "When Harry Met Sally" they'll be friends who inevitably wind up together, we just hope it doesn't take 20 years! The two made sweet music once again with the show's final number, Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs," after which the ep was named.

But, hey, those weren't the only crazy kids in love! Tina was so in love with Mike Chang that she broke down in sobs during her take on the standard "My Funny Valentine" during the show's only real low point. But Mike and Artie totally rocked their valentines to Tina and Brittany, respectively, with their song-and-dance-routine of Michael Jackson's (making his second appearance on "Glee" this week) "PYT: Pretty Young Thing." There's only one word for this episode: Looooooooove.

Check out Jim Cantiello's musical "Glee"-cap!

What did you think of this episode, Gleeks? Were you sweet on the Puck-Lauren storyline? Do you think Kurt and Blaine will get together sooner rather than later? Are you hoping that Finn and Rachel work things out or do you want to see him with Quinn again? Let us know in the comments section below!