'90210' Recap: 'All About a Boy'

Unfortunately, all vacations must come to an end (it's not called "real life" for a reason). Whether they were hitting the slopes in Telluride or honing their chi in Ojai, West Bev's students must have known that their fantasies had to give way to real life sooner or later. Last night it was time to come back to reality, and perhaps, make some major changes.

After a romantic getaway in ski country with Ian that Teddy described as one of the "best weeks of [his] life," things quickly became so not faboo once back at school. Teddy still wanted time before taking their relationship—and his newfound sexuality—public, while Ian wished that he'd forget everyone else and just be with him. (Easier said when you're already out, no?) 

A threatening letter spooked Teddy so much, that he admitted he'd rather pay off some mysterious loser than come out to his classmates. But a supportive conversation with his ex-gf Silver allowed him to see things, and himself, more clearly. Their talk could have been a lot more uncomfortable if Silver was not as secure with herself as she is. (Could she be becoming my new favorite character?) It was genuine and sweet, and Teddy admitting his insecurities felt extremely honest and relatable. "There’s nothing about you that is bad," Silver explained, completely bypassing any opportunity to selfishly wallow in at the realization that her ex-boyfriend is gay. “I love you even more now that I know who you really are,” she added. Her words left Teddy with the confidence to show his friends that as well, and they welcomed him with slightly awkward albeit very open arms.

Things seemed to be going well for West Beverly's newest couple...before it was revealed that Ian was the one who snapped the photo and taped the blackmail note inside Teddy's locker. It bugged me that a tough situation handled so beautifully could so quickly be overshadowed by scheming and sneaking, but then again, without it this wouldn't be "90210." Although Teddy's reluctance was probably hurtful to Ian, it’s his life, and Ian can't dictate when and where he takes these major steps. Sadly, Teddy broke things off for good before the two could finish their "All About Eve" quote-a-thon. Here’s hoping this unexpected bump doesn’t lead him to regress back into bouts of self hatred.

Speaking of regression, not wanting Adrianna to slip into a bender of too much rocky road and Hugh Grant, Navid showed up at her door in fear (and perhaps, hope?) that he would have to come clean about his recent play dates with Silver. Turns out Adrianna did want to share some serious news: She’s getting her own reality show! Adrianna is a teenage recovering drug addict who's on the cover of every tabloid magazine; she may not be mom material, but she can’t totally be a reality star! (Have you seen some of the ladies of “The Real Housewives”?)

But finally (finally!) Navid gathered the strength to stand up to the shallow remains of the girl he first fell in love with so long ago. I'll admit I liked these two together, but Aid's devolved into such a caricature of herself (and not in a good Naomi sort of way), that he had no choice but to end things once and for all. And he did it with this kicker: “You’re vain and you’re shallow and you’re a user and you’ve been using me the whole time.” Ouch. Too bad the reality cameras weren’t there to film that one! Wonder how Silver's comforting her best friend after that. (Yeah, about that...)

Naomi returned from a week at The Shinning Tree ranch feeling ethereal and looking like Madonna in her "Ray of Light" phase (hopefully those hair extensions are made of soy). Unfortunately her newly acquired nirvana didn't come with Con Artist Insurance. A week at the lodge may have left her a little too relaxed, as she allowed Guru Sona to make her believe she was "The Chosen One," before she was swindled out of 10 acres worth of her own money and forced to wear a polar bear and drink bacteria juice.

Cousin Emily continued slowly assuming Annie's identity, while simultaneously introducing us to the definitive ingredient for a sugar coma. This time she stole the part in a local production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" (and even though Liam botched the title, he gets points for trying, right?) that Annie had her heart set on. What's next, her eggs? (Oh, wait...) Ivy realized that a little herbal refreshment is all she needed to relax and get back in the water post-surfing accident. If only the guru had gotten into that business, her money problems would be non-existent! And with that, namaste bitches!

What did you think of how Teddy came out to his friends? Should he stay mad at Ian? When will Navid and Silver's relationship finally come out into the open? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter !

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