'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki And MTV's Sway To Host Grammy Red-Carpet Live Stream!

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki is re-teaming with MTV's own Sway Calloway for the 53rd annual Grammy Awards red carpet, and this year the dynamic duo are hosting a two-hour live stream starting at 6 p.m. ET on MTV.com! In anticipation of the big night, Snooki told MTV News she's stepping up her interviewing skills several notches.

"I did do the interviews with the Grammys last year, and I really had no idea what was going on," she explained. "This was all new to me. So now, being in it for a year, I know what to expect."

Snickers has definitely had plenty of experience on the other side of the red carpet over the past year thanks to her book release, New Year's Eve ball drop and the much-anticipated new season of "Jersey Shore." And she said that she's learned a few things about interviewing other celebrities on the red carpet since last year's Grammy gig.

"I'm gonna study a little more [about] what people are up for and who they are," she admitted. "I'm not gonna be like, 'Yo, Kings of Leon, who are you?' That's what I did last year! So I'm definitely gonna study up more."

But it wouldn't be a Snooki party if she asked the same questions as your average interviewer. We hope this year she reunites with Alice in Chains (who she famously didn't know last year), can compare poofs with Lady Gaga instead of Miley Cyrus and has other celebrities rush up to take photos with her like Fergie did in 2010.

What crazy shenanigans do you hope Snooki gets up to at the Grammys this year? Are you glad she's back for round two?