Channing Tatum Deconstructs His Hot, Hunky Photos

As if we needed more reasons to love and adore Channing Tatum, I would like to present this gem of a video, wherein Channing explores what was really going on in his head during the taking of a few particularly amazing fashion/promotional photos. I showed him a photo, he provided the "real" caption. Also, our interview was pegged to his upcoming film, "The Eagle."

Photo #1 (Looks like a production still from "G.I. Joe") caption by Channing: "I have a gun and I want to shoot you,' that's that one," he said. "And I probably wanted to shoot the photographer or someone else in the room, that's that look."

Photo #2 (A pretty headshot of some sort): "That's the, 'I'm hungry and when is this over?' look."

Photo #3 (A smoldery, furrowed-brow, standing pose in a white tank and leather jacket): "That's the, 'Please, PLEASE God let this be over,'" he said, laughing. "'Please! Make it stop!' look."

Photo #4 (A highly stylized, prop-heavy shot from a Channing spread in GQ magazine): "'Oh, oh look, I'm going to go ride a horse, play basketball, then go to war,' picture. And, 'Oh yeah, where are my glasses?'"

Photo #5 (My personal favorite, Channing is wearing a leather jacket with no shirt, and mismatched, bright colors): "That, I don't even know what to say about that," he said, again laughing. "That is, that looks like I need a sandwich, that's what that looks like. (More Channing giggles) "What is that, what's a better one for that one? That one is, 'I don't know how to color-coordinate my outfit and I think I'm from the '90s because of that jacket.' That's my Mark Wahlberg look, wannabe picture."

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