Kristen Stewart As Snow White: We Imagine What She'll Look Like

For the past couple weeks, everyone's been wondering who will snag the role of Snow White—magnet for evil step-mama drama and reluctant roommate to seven small dudes—in Rupert Sanders' live-action flick "Snow White and the Huntsman." And now, it looks like Universal has found its fairest of them all: the studio is in talks with their much-coveted first pick, Kristen Stewart.

Of course, unlike her Disney predecessor, this version of Snow White is no quivering coward with a bunch of little birdies for best friends. The updated fairy tale will find her keeping company with the Huntsman (Viggo Mortenson)—the one who couldn't bring himself to kill Snow White despite being ordered to do so by the evil Queen (Charlize Theron)—and undergoing secret ninja training that turns her into a hard-hitting superheroine. So, what might this brutal bad-ass of a princess look like? We've got a first gander at the transformation of Snow White from pathetic crybaby to punching machine.

...Yeah, okay, so by "first gander," we mean "this picture that we made in Photoshop". And really, we're pretty sure that Kristen's costume will be a million times cooler than this and will NOT involve any big poofy sleeves or ridiculous hair bow. (And we're also pretty sure that raccoons don't hang around outside during daylight hours, so that one almost definitely has rabies.) But while we wait with bated breath for more info (and maybe a production still or two? Please?!), let's just think of this as a point of inspiration.

Will Kristen pull off this fairy-tale-princess-slash-ninja-assassin combo with panache? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!