Jennifer Aniston Debuts New Perfume

Because no celebrity's fame-cycle is complete without an eponymous signature scent, today marks the debut of a new celebrity smell: Jennifer Aniston's new perfume, called (wait for it!) "Jennifer Aniston," is now available on shelves and online at Sephora.

The floral fragrance is heavy on jasmine, which the actress says is one of her all-time favorite scents and evokes memories of her childhood in California. And according to Jen, Jennifer Aniston The Perfume has strong, sentimental ties to Jennifer Aniston The Human Lady; she said, "I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories." The bottle's design even reflects Jen's interest in architecture: The low-profile vessel is meant to hearken the aesthetic of a Frank Gehry building.

Per the online listing, Jen's scent memories include hints of West Coast citrus, sandalwood and coastal wildflowers—a paean to her love of the ocean and its pleasant-smelling environs. Yum! But... hypothetically, would it be weird if we were disappointed that "Jennifer Aniston" doesn't smell like 1990s trend hair, David Schwimmer and a grudge against Angelina Jolie?



Do you want to slather yourself in Jennifer Aniston, The Perfume?