CrushNotes: Everything You Need To Know About 'I Am Number Four' Before Adaptation Hits Theaters

Hollywood Crush loves a good book—and so do moviemakers, seeing as more than a few of our favorite reads are headed for the silver screen. With so many adaptations in the works, keeping the ol' reading list current is harder than ever, which is where CrushNotes comes in! We give you the low-down on books before they hit the big screen.

"I Am Number Four" is the first of a flood of new young adult novels hitting theaters in the next few years. There's "The Hunger Games" and "City of Bones" and "Incarceron" and "Beastly," but what sets "I Am Number Four" apart from the rest is that this little novel is about aliens, and good sexy ones at that. With the film's release right around the corner (February 18, to be exact), let's take a look at the Pittacus Lore novel it's based on!

Characters you need to know: First up is, unsurprisingly, the titular Number Four. He goes by the name John and lives with his guardian, Henri, but really he's one of the last of a race of aliens from a planet known as Lorien. He meets a girl named Sarah Hart, who he almost instantly falls in love with and who he, of course, ends up dating. He also makes friends with a boy named Sam Goode, who's a bit of an outcast and believes aliens do exist.

Plot Synopsis: John is on the run from the Mogadorians, the race of aliens that destroyed Lorien and who are hunting down the eight surviving Loriens to guarantee that the planet can't be replenished. With Number Three dead, John is the next target, and that makes some of his secret Lorien powers start to unlock. He needs to balance both the impending attack and the development of new skills with keeping a low profile in the town of Paradise, Ohio while getting his love interest, Sarah, to totally fall for him (phew!). Plenty of action-packed thrills occur along the way.

Stars: Alex Pettyfer is finally making his leading man debut in this film, so that should be encouragement enough to get you there. Alongside him is real-life girlfriend/"Glee" star Dianna Agron as his love interest Sarah, Timothy Olyphant as his father-figure Henri and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" star Teresa Palmer as fellow Lorien survivor and all around badass Number Six.

A scene from the book that must be in the film: The reveal of Bernie Kosar. Let's just say that John and Henri's pet pooch isn't everything he seems to be, though you'll have to wait until you see the film to discover if that's a good or bad thing.

What the film's got over the book: Why, Alex Pettyfer of course. It also helps that director DJ Caruso has got some great special effects to help carry the film beyond just your average YA adaptation. But really the best part of the film will be the way the story is told. "I Am Number Four" the novel was nice told from John's perspective and all, but we're really looking forward to getting out of his head and looking at the story subjectively.

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