'Hellcats' Recap: 'Worried Baby Blues'

by Aimee Curran

"Hellcats" was back to their old formula last night, opening the episode with the team clad in sexy, skimpy outfits for a photo shoot. Of course, there was a good reason. The team was putting together a spicy cheer calendar to raise money to fund a trip to nationals. Alice in a bikini, Savannah in a sexy angel get up, Marti dressed as a sexy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Yeah, I dunno.

Anywho, as the the team was busy vamping in outfits that could rival an exotic dancer's, Vanessa and her fiance, Derek, were at the Rat discussing their wedding. Cue Wanda offering to coordinate their wedding and reception. She tells Vanessa to come to the calendar launch party and see how great she puts a fete together. Neither Vanessa nor Derek is really into it, but Derek senses Vanessa has more issue with wedding plans and asks if she is getting cold feet. My advice, if you gotta ask, it's probably true.

Savannah takes a trip home home to visit her family and finds it's just her sister Charlotte home alone. Remember her? She got knocked up and has been hiding her pregnancy. Savannah starts lecturing her about eating right and taking vitamins when she finds out Charlotte has yet to see a doctor or find the nerve to tell their parents. Savannah says she's going to tell on her to which, Charlotte replies, "I hate you!" Sibling love…it's so sweet.

Back over at Lancer, Marti, Morgan and the professor are mulling over the Travis Guthrie case complete with a conspiracy board full of pictures, notes, strings etc. It was so "CSI." They begin to piece the crime and its cover up together, but they are still missing a few important pieces of information to solve it. Where is Scooby-Doo when you need him?

At the Rat, Savannah is looking for Marti and starts chatting with Wanda. Being the nosy busybody that she is, Wanda goes into Savannah's bag, discovers a book about pregnancy and suddenly thinks Marti is pregnant. Savannah dispels all of her guesses until she tells her it's Charlotte and makes Wanda promise she won't tell anyone. Ha! That's like telling a kid to stop eating sugar.

Cut to Alice and her boyfriend Jake hanging in his dorm room. He's bitching about the draft, Alice asks why he hasn't submitted himself for it and Jake ends up confessing he was part of a football initiation prank that went wrong that the head of football, Bill Marsh, had covered up. He's using evidence he has to blackmail Jake into staying at Lancer instead of moving to the NFL. Jake refuses to tell Alice what the prank was, only that Bill Marsh has video evidence.

At the calendar launch party, the whole team is dressed in their skanky best, selling the calendars as Savannah sings a duet with 3OH!3 on stage. You know because bands like 3OH!3 always support cheerleading calendar launch parties. Morgan shows up and tells Marti it's the perfect time for her to go rifle through Bill Marsh's office to find evidence while he keeps an eye on Bill at the party. Marti agrees and runs into Alice who is trying to break into Bill Marsh's safe. The two explain to each other why they are there and work together to find the code to the safe. They are successful, take everything from the safe and get out without being caught. Kind of impressive.

Savannah's mom shows up to launch party at the request of Wanda, who said Savannah needed to tell her something. Mommy Dearest is none too happy seeing her daughter decked out in a sexy outfit. Savannah takes her mom back to Cheer Town, tells her Charlotte is pregnant and her blames Savannah for the pregnancy! Wha?! Apparently Savannah's mom sees her as a bad influence and a cheap whore. Wow. Soon after, Charlotte shows up at Cheer Town, tells Savannah that their mom went ballistic, and Savannah takes Charlotte back home where the girls tell their mom she was a terrible mother, they are scared of her and were raised wrong. Ouch. Then there was tears, hugging, apologies and a reconciliation. Will it last long?

Meanwhile, Wanda corners Vanessa and tries to get her to hire her, but Red steps in to save Vanessa from committing to anything by asking for dance lessons (it's for his niece's 16th birthday bash). Okaaay random. Vanessa agrees and the two go to the gym, they dance, they start talking about the wedding and Red says he won't come to the wedding unless he's the groom. Vanessa tells him to shut up and they start making out. Vanessa admits she sucks, that the kiss is more than just a moment and runs off crying.

Marti and Alice go through all he stuff they took from the safe, including a DVD and, ta-da! It shows none other than Alice's bf Jake committing the pharmacy robbery that Travis Guthrie is in jail for. Marti tries to leave with the DVD and it results in a fight between the girls…rolling on the ground, biting, kicking and Marti triumphs running out with the DVD. Alice confronts Jake, tells him she knows everything, and lets him know Marti has the DVD.

FINALLY the Travis Guthrie case and frame job is revealed. It's a bit convoluted, but here goes: Jake robbed the pharmacy as part of a football initiation prank and got caught by the pharmacist. The pharmacist was a Lancer fan who contacted Bill Marsh to let him know. Bill Marsh contacted Bill Overton ,the furniture guy, to pay off the pharmacist and the ex-GF to change their statements and frame Travis Guthrie. Bill Overton did this so he could get season tickets to Lancer football games, for life (really!?). It was the perfect set-up. Overton was friends with the pharmacist, the ex-GF was a homeless crack head that needed a fresh start and Travis was the perfect guy to frame because he was homeless and already had two strikes against him. Alice is disgusted and Jake tries to justify it by saying jail was better than living on the streets.

Marti decides to stay at Wanda's for the night but as she leaves the Rat to walk there, she's followed by two men. You don't see their faces, but they are obviously connected to the case and after Marti. She makes it inside just in time. Eeeek!

Did you watch last night's episode of "Hellcats"?