'Take Me Home Tonight' EXCLUSIVE Still: It's An '80s Dance-Off!

We know Topher Grace looks pretty groovy in bell bottoms and feathered hair thanks to his role as Eric Forman in "That '70s Show," but we can happily report that the 32-year-old actor looks even better in aviators and wool sport coats in the upcoming '80s comedy "Take Me Home Tonight" (out March 4).

Following the one-crazy-night set-up (think: "Superbad," "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist"), "Take Me Home Tonight" stars Topher as recent M.I.T. graduate Matt Franklin who's more than a little confused about his future. Instead of setting his sights on a Fortune 500 company, Matt spends his summer working at a local video store. And he seems pretty okay with that until he runs into his high school crush Tori ("I Am Number Four"'s Teresa Palmer) and concocts a yuppie-approved job at Goldman Sachs to impress her. When she invites him to a rager of a Labor Day party, little does Matt know how much that night will change him. The flick also stars Dan Fogler and real-life lovebirds Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.

Now, what crazy night would be complete without some ridiculous hi-jinks?! "Home Tonight" boasts more than its fair share, but the one we're really excited to see is the epic dance-off. Feast your eyes on our exclusive still showing Robert Hoffman and Dan Fogler ready to tango, cut a rug, bust a move...you get the picture. We're not sure what song they're dancing to, but with the flick named after an Eddie Money song, we can only guess it will be one righteous '80s single (that will likely be stuck in our heads weeks after we see the movie).

Are you excited for "Take Me Home Tonight"?

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