Emma Roberts Says Her 'Homework' Character Is No Stereotype

Most high school movies have a stock cast of cut-and-dried characters. You know—the Mean Girl, the Artist, the Jock, the Nerd...and of course, the Guy Who Smells Like Paint And Keeps His Farts In Jars. But according to Emma Roberts, her latest role in the Sundance Film Festival flick "Homework" is totally not like that.

"What I loved about her is on paper, she could very much be the cliche of the popular girl," Emma explained. "But the way she's written, and the way I tried to play her, was that there's more to her than that."

And those less-complicated characters from other teen movies? Apparently, they drive her crazy.

"I hate in teen movies when someone's categorized as 'You're this, not that,'" she said. Meanwhile, her "Homework" alter ego, Sally, "kind of had that edge to her, but she was also really genuine."

Still, there's no question that Sally has certain qualities of the stereotypical Mean Girl—particularly when it comes to her treatment of the poor, benighted boy who loves her (played by Freddie Highmore.) So, what about that?

"I felt bad," she admitted, although she also added that there were no hard feelings between the two stars: "Freddie and I had really good off-camera banter—we had good chemistry, as they say."

But when it comes to Emma's own romantic history, she's less likely to share any details. Pressed whether she'd ever cruelly led someone on, she told us, "I try not to..."—only to hastily add, "No comment!"

Yeah, sure. MANEATER.

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