Alex Pettyfer Says 'Mortal Instruments' Star Lily Collins Is 'Great'

As promised in yesterday's installment of our interview with dreamy Alex Pettyfer, today we bring you more of our steamy scintillating chat. Quick recap: Alex is a big fan of "The Mortal Instruments" books and is currently mulling over whether or not to sign on to play Jace Wayland.

MTV News caught up with Alex during the press day for "I Am Number Four," along with director DJ Caruso who, it must be noted, was immensely helpful in prodding his cagey young star—who at first was reluctant to reveal the fact that he'd even heard about the project—to offer up a few more details about the casting process and whether or not he's read the screenplay.

"Have I read the screenplay? I have read the screenplay," Alex revealed.

And what did he think?

"It's good!" he said, with genuine enthusiasm. "As I said, I, I've got to figure it all out."

Fair enough. But is it faithful to the book?

"I think it is very faithful," he said. "And I think Lily Collins is a great pick for the role."

And although it's not in the video clip above, Alex DID say that the powers that be who are currently gearing up to make "City of Bones," pay plenty of attention to what the fans want, and he flat-out stated that their support weighs on his decision-making as well. "It's up to the fans," he said.

Also worth mentioning for its fun/random factor: Alex is a huge fan of In-N-Out Burger. And he knows the secret menu all too well. I failed his quiz about it, in fact.

Are you glad to hear Alex pays such close attention to fans' wishes? Is he your choice for Jace Wayland? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!