Alex Pettyfer's A 'Huge Fan' Of 'Mortal Instruments' Series

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to an official casting announcement for Jace Wayland in the upcoming big screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare's first book in "The Mortal Instruments" series, "City of Bones." Just last week we learned that "Beastly" and "I Am Number Four" star Alex Pettyfer is the leading contender to step into the Shadowhunter's shoes.

When MTV News caught up with Alex and his "Number Four" director DJ Caruso over the weekend, we had to ask him his thoughts on the role and how soon the decision will be made.

At first he played dumb, pretending not to know what we were asking him.

"What's that?" he said, when asked what the latest news was on the Alex-as-Jace rumors.

Thanks to some playful nudging from DJ, Alex opened up just a bit and offered some interesting thoughts.

"Yeah, I did hear about this," he relented. "I read the books, I think they are phenomenal. Screen Gems are making it so I don't know," he said, at which point DJ cut in to point out that Screen Gems is the studio that brought us "Burlesque." Not to mention "Easy A," which we reminded them both, and all agreed is a "great movie." But getting back to Alex and his decision to take on the role or not...

"I don't know," he said, implying that he's putting a lot of thought into this decision. "I just got to figure out what I got to do next. ... I just got to figure out what I go to do," he added. "But I'm a big fan of the books and I think it's cool."

Check back in with Hollywood Crush tomorrow for the second part of our "Mortal Instruments" interview segment in which Alex talks about potential co-star Lily Collins!

What do you think? Is Alex leaning toward "City of Bones" or away from it? Tell us in the comments!