Liam Hemsworth To 'Possibly' Star As Peeta In 'The Hunger Games' Movie

We know what you're thinking about the possibility of Liam Hemsworth taking on the role of Peeta in "The Hunger Games": He's too old! Hot, yes, but too old.

Still, when we caught up with the 21-year-old star at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday (he was in town hanging with his big brother, fellow actor/hottie Chris Hemsworth), seemed ready to sink his teeth into the part.

While he hasn't yet met up with "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross ("I mean it's pretty early right now," Liam said, adding, "But, yeah, I'm sure I'll met [him] on it soon"), he confirmed to us, "I read the script."

Liam called "The Hunger Games," "A really, really cool story" and said what he liked most about it was the "action...gritty kinda stuff like that." In fact, that PG-13 rating may not alter the book too much, as Liam described the script as, "Super dark. It's all young kids in these Hunger Games, which are crazy, insane things."

Though nothing is confirmed for Liam to play the teenage Hunger Games contestant Peeta, the actor said there is a "possibility" for him to be part of the adaptation (which he described as "definitely something different.")

If Miley Cyrus' ex does snag the coveted role he may be playing opposite Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, or Hailee Steinfeld, who have all been rumored to play Peeta's Hunger Games partner (not to mention the object of his affection!) Katniss.

Do you think Liam Hemsworth would make for a good Peeta or is he just too old for the part? Let us know in the comments section!

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