'No Strings Attached' Has Us Recalling Our 5 Favorite Friends-Turned-True-Loves Movies

Haley Murphy

Natalie Portman will trade her "Black Swan" ballerina tutu for medical student scrubs this weekend in the new comedy "No Strings Attached," and I, for one, cannot wait to see her and Ashton Kutcher's on-screen chemistry. The movie focuses on the not-so-politically correct relationship between two friends who try to be just that: friends...but with benefits. Except, Ashton's Adam pines for more with Natalie's commitment-phobic Emma (role reversal!). I'm no psychic, but I'm guessing the two end up together. It wouldn't be a romantic comedy if they didn't, right?

Some wise person once said it's best to fall in love with your best friend, which wouldn't be too hard if my BFF looked like Ashton—just sayin'. Since we just love a best-friend-turned-true-love romance, we've compiled a list of our favorite movies where besties fall for each other. Swoon with us:

"When Harry Met Sally"

I have to start with a classic, and to me, "When Harry Met Sally" is the epitome of love found through true friendship! When Harry Burns (Billy Crystal ) meets Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) on their drive to NYC post college, it is less than romantic. The bickering duo hassle each other and ultimately have a serious convo about how men and women could never be JUST friends. While popping in and out of each others' lives for years, it only takes one night of unbridled passion to turn their friendship upside down. Between Meg's classic "faking it" scene and the couple's happy ending, this one's hard not to love!

"13 Going On 30"

When Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) has a horribly humiliating 13th birthday party, she wishes that she can just skip ahead to being 30 years old. Though her wish comes true, she is still her 13-year-old self in a much more "mature" body...with a killer job and wardrobe! While Jenna is no longer an awkward teen on the outside, she still misses her best friend Matt (played by the adorable Mark Ruffalo). When she finds out he is engaged, she realizes that he was always the one for her. She crashes his wedding and confesses her undying love for him, hoping to win him back. Ultimately, the best friends end up together through a little magic and a lot of love!

"Just Friends"

How could anyone ever turn down Ryan Reynolds? When pudgy dork Chris Brander (Ryan) confesses his love for best friend Jamie (Amy Smart) in high school, he is left with a broken heart when she wants to remain "just friends." Several years and pounds later, Chris returns home as a big-time Hollywood record producer and looking like the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds we know! When he runs into Jamie again, he decides this is his chance to win her over once and for all, and guess what? He does!

"Made of Honor"

Oh, what I would give to see McDreamy at the end of a church aisle! This romantic comedy is very similar to "My Best Friend's Wedding" in that one friend conveniently realizes they are in love with the other AFTER being asked to be the maid of honor in their wedding to someone else! Nice timing. Tom (Patrick Dempsey) agrees to be Hannah's (Michelle Monaghan) maid of honor to prove his love for her...and we'll let you guess what happens next!

"How To Win A Date With Tad Hamilton"

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite bestie love triangle. Now, I might be a little biased since I won a date with my own dream crush, Justin Timberlake, a few years back, but this movie is just so good. When small-town Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) enters and wins a tabloid contest for a date with movie star Tad Hamilton (played by the beautiful Josh Duhamel) she thinks she has found true love. And then her best friend, Pete (Topher Grace), confesses his love, leaving her to choose between her "dream" guy and her loyal best friend. When Rosalee does a typical "chick flick sprint" to profess her love for bestie Pete, she is met with open arms!

What's your favorite friends-turned-lovers flick? Will you be seeing "No Strings Attached"? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!